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  1. MonkeyLove

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    Still having major issues it seems with people claiming their technology is not working, accounts showing wrongly, money gone etc...

    If that' true surely one of the biggest corporate fuck ups for years.

    Never had them down as a big current account bank like HSBC, Barclays, Santander etc... which is perhaps why it's not headline news.

    Surely though the triple whammy of fines, compensation and customers moving elsewhere will fuck them for years?
  2. PTR

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    Just a guess, but if this is to separate their IT from Lloyds, it'll be one hell of a job.
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  3. Secret Visage

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    It is.
  4. mutley

    mutley Winger

    A shite company to work for apparently as well.
  5. Charmless Man

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    Yeah, this was the move over to their own banking platform.
  6. Beaker

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    I was a Lloyds customer before the merge, then I closed my then "LloydsTSB" account before they separated. Yet since they've been having troubles the past few days, I've received a text message every day this week from TSB, informing me that my account balance is £511.31.

    Lloyds tell me my account was indeed closed and as such no details will have been shared with TSB when they separated, understandably, TSB haven't got a Scooby.

    So it's either a huge mistake, a £500 windfall or I need to start asking questions about Data Protection.
  7. AgelessStranger

    AgelessStranger Midfield

    It is indeed. Been a few commentators on Radio 4 over the last week about this, citing the RBS attempt to do exactly the same thing - at a write off cost of £2 billion - that they just couldn't do. A mixture of legacy systems and complications with the rate of change in modern technology. Essentially, they have no idea what happens when the systems don't work - completely random errors occur and nobody knows what to do.
  8. it is a total arse on. Banking sytems are hugely complex. been part of a few migrations over the years. More as an observer than doing the migration itself but can be part of the contingency planning
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  9. Frijj

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    Had no problems at all.
  10. MackemBob

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    It was quite nice having to go to the bank today. Felt like it was the 80s again.

    Canny queue but it was going at a good rate as all the tills were open. A few mouthy disgruntled folk in there gobbing off at the staff - what’s the point?
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  11. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Good guess then! Yeh, that's going to be an absolute nightmare. No wonder they're having issues with it.
  12. Pop

    Pop Striker

    You've been able to access their online banking?
  13. I've just managed to log on but it was painfully slow
  14. Frijj

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    Obv not during or just after maintenance but been fine since Monday aft.

    Using the app like
  15. Pop

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    I've not been able to get on until today and my accounts don't appear to be right, various payments not showing etc.
  16. Baloo

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    I get bombarded with texts about every three months from Bank of Scotland. Some fucking idiot has put my mobile number as their’s on their account.
  17. Beaker

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    The last 4 digits of the account number are the digits from the Lloyds account I had for years, so I know it's intended for me, but there's no reason I should be getting contacted by TSB of all people, and even less reason for there to be over £500 in a closed account.

    I need to pop into my local TSB branch tonight and see what the crack is.
  18. Teed

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    The Spanish Bank, they've had months to get it sorted, this was suppose to happen before Christmas but it kept fucking up, Sabadell , TSB's owners pulled the plug, it must be costing a fortune.
  19. They are horrible. One of the biggest issues is when systems haven't been used as intended, fields used to record data they aren't meant to. Over the years people 'make systems work' rather than pay to get them updated to do what they want. Once they move the data to a new system it all goes tits up.
    Developers will be blaming testers for not finding the issues, testers will be complaining they weren't given enough time, contractors will have moved on without any accountability, senior managers who will have ultimately made the call to put the changes in will deny any responsibility.:lol: Nature of the business unfortunately.
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  20. The Archer

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    Heard this on the radio earlier. Sounds horrible for both customers and staff. As well as migration of customer systems they’ve also migrated branch systems which apparently have gone tits up and have error messages appearing in Spanish.

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