The situation in London


Gang Member :
"What advantage does the next level bring? “Power, status, girls, especially girls.” Did Wayne, who is black British, think you have to be more aggressive today than in the past to earn your stripes? “In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence,” he said.
These people had seen family members mutilated so when they said, ‘I’m gonna smash you up,’ us guys would be shouting, ‘Yo blud, wot you mean?’ and they would just pull out a blade and juk [stab] you in the chest. It upped the speed and level of violence for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.”
I’m seeing all sorts on social media / news etc, some of these programs on TV, although easy access to these type of incidents do give the impression that they’re common I will admit, but they’re happening and you can’t deny it. ‘War zone’ was a bit sensationalist I guess! :)

But look at the incident on Hylton Road last month, would you find that acceptable to be walking down there with your family and people battering each other and trying to knock each other over?

There is about 150 deaths through gangs a year in london from 15million people- sunderland has 150,000 people and 5 a year on average....