The Niall Quinn appreciation thread

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Absolutely gutted but at least he's leaving when things are ok, would have hated it to turn sour at some point and him getting unjustified stick. At least he's going out at the top (well for us it's at the top!).

Just hope we can win the cup for him now, an extra inspiration for it.


Fantastic gentleman.
My dad was very ill and was at an event there a few years ago and Niall took time out to go and speak to him. Made my dads year that like.

Thanks big fella.

nz joe

I suppose it had to happen but a sad day never the less.
Saved our club from probable lower league oblivion and did it with a smile on his face.
I hope he breeds and races the future winner of the Irish Derby, then the Arc De Triumph.


Thanks for everything Quinny. You made good your promise and only left when things have been sorted out and we're a force again. Cheers!
Don't often get emotional but my eyes are welling up after reading the piece on

Good luck Quinny and come back soon so we can give you a proper send off.


He is safc. I cant thank the man enough for what he has done for our club. He took us all from being so embarrassed by the club to be never more proud. I love the guy and absolutely gutted he has left. Very sad day for safc.



What a man.

Can't really say anymore, the work he's done for the club as a player and chairman is incredible.


A great player on the pitch and then came back to save us from wandering into obscurity. I will never be able to thank him enough.

Dangly Ham

Today is genuinely the most poignant day in the history of this club, I think.

Facing oblivion, we looked destined for the scrap heap. Still paying off debts owed for big names in times gone by and the Academy of Light, Murray had reached the end of the road and there was no hope.

Fast forward six years and down to the kind heartedness of a bloke who fell in love with our club we are more stable than we ever have been. He came here with nothing - no business education or sense, no money and no experience, just bucket loads of faith, temperament and a sense that he owed the people of Sunderland something for taking him to heart when all others doubted him.

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that Niall Quinn is the best thing that has ever happened for this club and our fans owe him more than we can ever give back.

The man deserves a knighthood and a statue.
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