The Niall Quinn appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Riot Shot Pint, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. super sleeves

    super sleeves Striker

    I remember when Quinny was with Keane when Keane was getting shown to the press, Quinny snuck off i caught up with him, got him to sign me shirt and asked about this veteran Juve(i think) defender we were after. He told me the lot, couldnt believe i was standing talking to Quinny about our transfers, it lasted a couple minutes but it was class :lol:

    In the end we never signed the player as he wanted to be home 4 times a week :lol:
  2. Scruttermaloo

    Scruttermaloo Goalkeeper

    Sad to see you go big man!!
  3. twiggy

    twiggy Reserve Squad

    thanks for everything niall you are a true ledgend
  4. Tadger

    Tadger Striker

  5. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

    Went to cambridge and it turned out to be all ticket. None available anywhere (pubs/clubs/club shop/randomer's), thankfully went to see the players arive and shouted at a couple of them to see if they had any. Niall was the only one who came over, asked were we likely to get in to which we replyed no. Told us to wait there only to return 5 minutes later with 30ish tickets of which he demanded we walk round passing out to the lads that hadnt got 1.
  6. owenrsmitchell

    owenrsmitchell Goalkeeper

    He's one of the few people the saying "Don't meet your heroes" doesn't apply to.
  7. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    Good point.

    Met him the summer of the takeover at the Shelbourne game. He tolerated me and my pissed mate with good grace, and we sat a few rows behind him to see an endless stream of people getting a friendly greeting from him. He's a real gent. Heard a lot of great stories about him from Dublin cabbies over the years.
  8. drexel

    drexel Full Back

    SNQ. Cheers for everything you have done on and off the field for Sunderland AFC and Sunderland as a City.

    He won me a few quid over the years. I had SNQ to score first, Sunderland to win 1-0 at 40/1 which had me drinking all weekend :)
    Also when i meet him, i got him to sign my lotto ticket as he had been lucky for me. Won fuck all.

    Cheers big man.

    Hugs 'n' kisses.

  9. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Cheers Marra
  10. SOLid

    SOLid Full Back

    What a brilliant story - thanks mate.

    This is a fantastic thread because it is bringing out the "small" stories and accounts of what SNQ has being doing underneath the radar for years.

    Never had the pleasure of meeting the guy but I could listen to him all day long.

    Niall - if you or your deputies ever take the time to read this thread - just understand that this wider area called Sunderland simply loves you.

    Allow us to honour you.

    Good lad - and thanks.
  11. aye, there are a lot of Irish lads who work for our company (travel over on a monday) from all parts of Ireland and all to a man only have good words to say about him as would anyone associated with SAFC fans. One lad I spoke to only last week said he was at some charity dinner in Ireland last year and Quinn had the whole audience eating out of his hand, you could hear a pin drop.

    A true gent in an age where manners, politeness and honour seem to be at a minimum.

    Thanks Niall, (thanks for the autograph two weeks ago too) you are awesome
  12. Kingdom Bhoy

    Kingdom Bhoy Striker

    I was at the Sunderland Empire the day Niall got his honorary degree from Sunderland University. All these academics were getting up making boring speeches with some reading from notes Nialls gets up makes a speech with no visual aids which was intelligent funny capitavating and went down a storm. One guy next to me say thats the first time I've seen Professor x not fall asleep during a speech at one of these awards cermonies - it was that good.
  13. AndyPandy

    AndyPandy Central Defender

    I love Niall Quinn.
  14. karlm14

    karlm14 Striker

    This x100
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