The new series of VERA

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Big Duke Six, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Watched the first one last night.
    Not very good is it?
  2. Its shite if that's what you mean. Her accent grates on me also.
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  3. dangermows

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  4. cluffy

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    Would rather read a compendium of the OP's posts than watch that shite :lol:
  5. The Voice Of Reason

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    Lad I use to work with is in it he posted on FB

    Nobody watches that shite man I said

    He wasn’t amused
  6. houst69

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    Lost interest about an hour in,would only watch again if Ferryhill was featured tbf
  7. Chesterladmackem

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    Polis darent go to Ferryhill man, so no chance
  8. Now, pet, I'm going to ASK you some QUESTIONS about what happened, but FIRST I want you to TELL me: is it OBVIOUS enough that I'm talking in a north east ACCENT?
  9. Alan BStard

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    Whiny smartarse bint, can't stand her.
  10. waddy999

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    When it shows our beautiful landmarks I imagine all the southerners saying..."Cor blimey Marlene, lav- a - dack, we're avin' some of thaaat!"
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  11. Butcher's Coat

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    I like it.
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  12. Arkle

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    I do as well. As always mentioned, her accent isn't the best but the plots are usually good.

    Last night's was a solid enough episode, although, as often happens in detective series, it suffered from the killer being a minor character.
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  13. and no real explanation of how she worked out it was him
  14. Butcher's Coat

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    She knew man!
    Top detective is Vera:cool:
  15. Geronimo

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    It's terrible
  16. Mag!

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  17. Butcher's Coat

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    Mind you, if was made by Fulwell 73 - then it would be receiving accolades on here!
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  18. It's already like that in the Alnwick area. Thousands of the buggers moved in now.
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  19. Butcher's Coat

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  20. Latka Gravas

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    Agreed, awful tv programme.

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