The Nazis

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  1. rugga

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    Another mistake Hitler did was declare war on the USA shortly after Pearl Harbour. I've read somewhere the American public didn't want to go to war in Europe (Roosvelt wanted to but knew it would be a struggle to justify it to the voters)
  2. Good Bloke Fairly

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    I studied History through to A level mate, I know more about Stalin than most due to a very excitable, eccentric and downright weird history lecturer :lol:
  3. It wasn't at St Peter's was it? If so, soz.

    Actually, it was Bede man, wasn't it?
  4. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    Bede. A one mr SM. Scottish fella. You've told me about him in depth and it really didn't surprise me given he's off the map weird.
  5. :lol:Aye. Canny fella, actually.

    I wouldn't like to think what my ex students say about me.
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    Me too. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Bolsheviks, Red Army, Revolution, Tsar Nicholas, Alexandei, Rasputin...
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    nope, polling from late 40 onwards was only going one-way - PH just made it easy
  8. Good Bloke Fairly

    Good Bloke Fairly Goalkeeper

    He took a liking to me when I stuck a Rangers top on for college. Spent an entire lesson talking to me about the 1990s :lol:
  9. I learned a fair bit about the Bolsheviks at A level. Forgot most of it now, mind

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