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    No. The only thing it has in common with socialism is that the Nazis used the word socialist in the name. If I redefine a dog to say it's a monkey, that doesn't mean it actually is a monkey.
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    "The term "National Socialism" arose out of attempts to create a nationalist redefinition of "socialism", as an alternative to both international socialism and free market capitalism. Nazism rejected the Marxist concept of class conflict, opposed cosmopolitan internationalism, and sought to convince all parts of the new German society to subordinate their personal interests to the "common good", accepting political interests as the main priority of economic organization"

    Sounds like Socialism to me marra, although obviously a very skewed idea of it. The essence of it was there.
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    This has been an excellent post about nazis and world war 2, some great discussions and debates. Please don’t ruin it and take it off subject with your distorted views on socialism.
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    I didn't, I stated facts. Don't let your feelings get in the way of facts.
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    So you genuinely think socialism and national socialism are the same thing?
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    No. If you'd read any of the last 2 pages you would know that. :lol:
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    So what the fuck are you going on about?
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    Read the last 2 pages and you might find out.

    Or don't, and just stop replying.

    It's up to you.
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    I was pissed when I called you a fucking idiot the other day, now I’m sober I realise I was right.
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    Angry mate? There you go again letting your fanny do all the thinking. :lol:
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    Great comeback mate.
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    Probably been on the cowies until 5 am
  13. Real socialism has never been tried IIRC
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    That one'll sting for a while.
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    I realise i've jumped in on people in this thread with lots of 'sorry but it wont work' so heres my go at it

    42 is too late for a Barbarrosa start - instead of 175 red army divisions in the west you'll be looking at 350+ (which is going to prove an obstacle not matter what you think of the red army at that time)

    anytime after Pearl harbour is a bust - even if Hitler does'nt declare on the US they're in the middle of an undeclared war anyway so FDR will have them in no matter what - and if Hitler does'nt declare war then Lend Lease to the UK and the USSR (assuming a 41 OTL start) is going to make him wish he had anyway

    so how do we avoid PH - difficult as the Japanese require the oil from the Southern Resource Area - how about closer ties between Germany and Japan. Licence the Fischer-Tropsch process and turn all that Chinese and Korean coal into fuel oil. Depending on success you can avoid going South and getting yourself into a war with the UK/US - however, your chinese adventure is pissing off the US anyway and so war is probably on the cards..

    you cant really make a 41 barbarossa work - even with hindsight and perfect results you'll probably not force the USSR to pack it in. All the will in the world is'nt getting you to Baku, and Stalin was prepared to give up on Moscow anyway..


    you secure your western flank - which means getting the UK out of the war (you notice i said get them out, rather than knock them out) to then throw everything east

    Sealion will never work - dont even try and argue that one, so the invasion threat is a hollow one....but do the Brits believe that?

    basically the only way for Germany to win is to get some sort of peace in the west - Hitler's demands were ridiculous, they would have turned the UK into a vassal state so no basically you're looking (as far as UK / Germany goes) as some form of antebellum status quo in the west (with perhaps some western border concessions from France to Germany), Italy will love that in 40/41 before the DAK as they were getting their clock cleaned..

    however - you're giving up on Poland, and Churchill will never agree to it as long as he's PM (so he has to go)

    the UK know that Hitlers word is worth jack, so they'll be rearming, expanding, fortifying

    Germany knows (if they study history) that everytime UK bows out of a fight like this that they'll be back at some point to finish things

    so neither side trust each other

    nope, far easier to just let war play out..and then we're back to OTL

    oh well, i tried
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    Right so he shifted the goalposts and claimed his ideology was socialism when it wasn't.

    Thanks for proving our point
  17. Sounds like something Stalin might say.
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    Stalin was a mad, paranoid motherfucker. His methods did drag Russia from being farmers to being industrialised and war-ready, though.
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  19. Haway man, not even a nibble?
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    I'd recommend The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich by William L Shirer. It's a long read but very very rewarding.

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