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  1. Dave Herbal

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    Could they have won the war with proper military strategists in charge, rather than Hitler’s Nazi bum chums?
  2. Richy Fingers

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    Nah. The Russians overwhelmed them.

    Just think, only half a million Brits died during WW2, where as 27 million Russians died. 11 million of those were soldiers.

    We and the US like to think we won the war but really it was the Russians literally throwing themselves at bullets. Without them attacking from the East, Germany would have steamrollered Europe.
  3. 42

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    Had they had a top notch nuclear scientist who would develop a bomb, im sure theyd have won
  4. the boot

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    I think they thought we would keep out of it.

    We nearly did.
  5. Richy Fingers

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    They had ALL the top notch nuclear scientists. What do you think Operation Paperclip was for. Von Braun made the V2, we and the US had nowt even remotely similar. They even had 2 guns that could fire a 7 tonne shell 30 miles.

    Schwerer Gustav - Wikipedia
  6. yyy

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    But they did win in the end. :D


    Jokes aside, generals got together post-war to work out what would have happened if Operation Sea Lion was attempted.

    I think an assumption was Royal Navy ships were out of position at the beginning of the operation so that the German first wave got ashore.

    It was reckoned with the Royal Navy reaching the English Channel to sever supply lines, the Germans would have barely got past London before being stopped and pushed back.

    Although the Royal Navy would have taken a hiding from aerial bombardment, the damage to supply lines leaving the Germans low on ammunition, etc. would have led to an evacuation, with continued damage seeing only a small proportion making it back to France.

    I don't remember other factors thrown in such as guerrilla action on German troops say in the London area and the damage that might also have inflicted.

    The result would have probably seen the Germans not be able to fight on with a much easier move into Europe when the Americans enter the war.

    Basically, Operation Sea lion was never feasible and German landing barges were never really up to the job.

    A pre-warned Royal Navy might have prevented any significant force from landing, though this last comment is my guess rather than any part of the simulation.
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  7. snelleton

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    Possibly, if all the strategists had been as good as Rommel, but fortunately, for us, they weren't.
  8. Yes .Very easily. We got battered at first in the air but Germany decided to give us time to build new planes

    Kill Hitler

    Stay friendly with Russia.

    Don't waste precious resources on a genocide

    Kill Hitler

    Build nukes

    Kill Hitler
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    All I could think of there

  10. Richy Fingers

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  11. TheBronzeBummer

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    Great bunch of lads.
  12. joemcdokes

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    I wonder if when Hitler was planning on invading Poland that any of his side kicks said, ‘This is a bad idea’.
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  13. Aituk7

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    There's a few variables that could have won them the war.

    For example on the eastern front had they gone prepared to settle in for winter at some point... I mean they attacked with no winter clothing and equipment..... also if they adapted their tanks like the russians did.

    German tanks were still designed to be technically brilliant but very difficult to repair, often needing to be carted back to a repair station with engineers available to fix them.

    The russians adapted their tanks to be fixable on the go in the middle of nowhere, the crew learned how to do it as it was a simple design.

    A lot of their strategists were top notch, but it was the command structure that was the problem. At the end of the day Hitler kept overuling them, which often resulted in catastrophic losses of life or capture.
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  14. The Continuing Story

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    Wasn't Hitler asleep until noon on D Day? Lazy that mind
  15. Aituk7

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    Yeah, the germans probably would have won the battle of britain, we were on our last few planes and airfields when luckily churchill ordered a bombing raid on berlin.

    Hitler took a massive tantrum at this and switched the air targets from the raf bases to heavy industrial cities... starting the blitz but giving us a chance to regroup our airfields and fix our planes.

    It was very touch and go until then.
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  16. dave hedgehog

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    Yes probablys all of them were thinking it but didnt dare say anything.
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  17. Jabberwocky

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    If they didn’t go in with all the race nonsense and treated people well they probably could’ve convinced a decent chunk of the peasantry to support them..... then they wouldn’t of been the Nazis like.
  18. I wonder who would have collaborated with them had they got over. What with a germanic royal family and considering hundreds of years with french as main language after 1066 - they're (germans and french) still running the country as well and still will be after brexit. Seems like there's scope for a decent book in there somewhere, or has it already been done?
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    Marxist bastards :evil:
  20. JonMc

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    Keeping the silliness that is Brexit out of this...Len Deighton's SS-GB might up your street. The BBC dramatized it last year. Not bad.
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