The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Discussion in 'SMB' started by raindog, Nov 6, 2018.

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  2. Mantobar

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    Netflix i suppose?
  3. EchoMan

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  4. raindog

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    I, but most episodes will be torrented for the day after

  5. EchoMan

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    Sorry -
    Just being sarcastic. You’d put thb at the end of your post so I thought I’d Yoda my reply.
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  6. Just finished watching this. Loved it. Typical Coen Brothers dialogue but an interesting format and some really clever touches. Pretty strong cast in each one.
    Probably liked the first one the most but they all had something going for them.
  7. Spot

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    I agree first one was the best but enjoyed all apart from the last one
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  8. yorkyexile

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    Pan Shot!!!! :lol: brilliant fillum
  9. niceonemarra

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    Seen it about 10 times, love it.

    The last one does grow on you after a few watches I really like that scene now but didn't at first - the trapper guy in the coach makes me laugh.

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  10. I enjoyed it but possibly more for the skill in the writing and acting for the trapper bloke to deliver that monologue.
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  11. niceonemarra

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    'people are like ferrets'
  12. I've seen a few of the trailers. Looks good, a bit quirky.

    Edit. If i remember correctly, Tom Waitts is in it.
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  13. Gideon Gungeon

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    not as good as i'd expected. enjoyed the waits episode the best iirc mate
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  14. Skandhaless

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    Really enjoyed it,, excellent film
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  15. Ludwig

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    Can I just say ... IT'S A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS :evil: ... erm that's all !
  16. kingmonkey

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    Enjoyed all bar the last one, dragged on a bit.
    Still outstanding though.
    Took me a few minutes to realise why he was throwing a rock into the river, then looking back at the wagon:oops:
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  17. Son of Stan

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    Absolutely loved it. For me, the first one was the best, and Meal Ticket was almost heart breakingly rendered. The Gal who got Rattled, again, was quite sad, but what tied them altogether beautifully was the wonderful cinematography. Stunning.
  18. Venkman

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    Loved it, but love the majority of their output. Meal Ticket was bloody bleak, mind. Awful.
  19. I agree. Meal Ticket was a painful watch.
    I think my favourite moment in the whole thing though, was the use of the table in the bar scene. Cracked me up.
  20. 4 good, buster, Indians, pan and gold

    2 fucking gash, man with no arms and carriage , Christ what was that.

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