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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by brandon, May 23, 2018.

  1. You can’t even spell properly....
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    What a sad sad man. Have an ignore.
  3. Three unnamed England players in a test in India, allegedly and totally denied

    Apparently Al Jazeera channel has evidence in a documentary
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    A very pleasant day at Lords yesterday, though our batting was poor. Wasn't too sure whether I wanted to do well, but while I was thinking about it he received a virtually unplayable delivery that was unfortunately on the stumps! Bess looked like a frightened rabbit, then got a streaky four between slip and keeper. Next ball he despatched to the boundary with a majestic drive through the covers and he never looked back. A great partnership with Butler, but too little too late. Just glad I didn't have a ticket for today! One thing about Lords, their sausage rolls might be £5, but they are absolutely brilliant :p
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  7. Will there be any changes for the next test?

    I don't think there will be but there should be.
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    For a fiver I hope it came with a shovel full of chips?
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    I don't think they'll change anything apart from maybe Woakes for Wood if they don't think he's fit enough.
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    Nope, but there was a ton of meat! Tasted lush anarl, way bigger and better quality than the shite you get at West Cornwall Pasty Co for £3!!!
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  11. It's just not going for wood in tests for a while.

    I agree with woakes coming in, as it will lengthen the batting order in their eyes as well.

    I just hope in the next few days, it's is drilled into stokes, Barstow, root, that the test lasts five days and cannot be won by scoring at a run a ball fifty odd, then getting out.

    We need to get back to batting a minimum of a 100 overs in our first innings.

    Also, what are they doing in practice as the catching has gone downhill rapidly.

    Also the angling positions of the slips just looks wrong.

    One last thing, to save about 70 runs per innings, place a third man and take out mid off or on. We want drives in that area as it brings in the edge, lbw and bowled.

    If the batsmen drill a four off an excellent shot, so be it, but all these thick edges, dribbling away for four is poor imo.

    Basic cricket wins in tests
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    The way the FTECB are destroying four day cricket, then it's no wonder our batsmen are aggressive. It's getting to be the only way they know how to play!
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    I haven't watched any of the (predictable) way this all panned out, except to say that we are miles away from a proper Test team and we seem determined not to learn the lessons.

    We need to be very careful here. In England it's still Test cricket that funds the game and not white ball stuff, and if the Test team collapses the crowds will follow and we will be in trouble.

    I think Jennings will be on the radar, he's got 2 centuries in CC and has carried the form into the one dayers. If you aren't going to pick him now, then when?
  14. Bri

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    I presume if any decision is taken about Bayliss it will still be the England boss who will need to take it, I mean Strauss, even though he's on leave because of his wife's illness.
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    I agree with all of this. That has to be one of the all-time stinking England home performances. The team looked shapeless and they performed none of the basics. Desperate.
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  16. I can't see him leaving. He has indicated he is off after summer 2019 and it's just not England's style to sack bayliss, though in the 80s and 90s captain and manager would have been gone after the ashes debacle

    Who next will be interesting to see? There are a few as mentors/managers in the IPL who could be of interest eg Tom moody

    I can also see colly being involved somewhere down the line, with maybe Ashley Giles again.

    Who knows but they have now only beaten the worst windies team in 20 years, in the last ten tests.

    The players are not performing even to their basic averages at the moment.

    Imo performing to their averages will win the test at headingley. I hope we do
  17. Bri

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    Fair point. After all if they do sack him how long will it take to recruit someone else ….. several months at least by which time the summer will be finished.
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  18. He seems to have been recruited for his one day expertise, which to be fair has resulted in a great team being formed.

    I just feel we are not taking the tests seriously in the last two series especially. Going in, under prepared and expecting performances to come, during test conditions.

    I'm expecting a big improvement come Friday, as this game we couldn't perform much worse.

    I think the lack of play in four day games due to central contracts is now coming to the fore in under par performances.

    Of course I'm not advocating a return to the days of the 70s and 80s of players, performing nigh on seven days a week during the summer but sometimes the FTECB withdraw players far too often.

    With Strauss stepping aside for a while, it could lead to a bit of drift this summer, which could end with a thrashing by India
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    Ordinarily Jennings shouldn't be near selection. A walking wicket inbhis last 4 tests, a shiocking domestic season, an embarrassing Lions tour against rubbish opposition. Hes turning a corner now and that's great but really he should do more to prove he is ready. That said Stoneman needs to go and aside from maybe Burns there is absolutely no one else.
  20. Steak Pie

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    Gubbins is the other one who has done something early season, but they still have this policy of continuous selection so it's more likely they go back to someone they'e tried before and out of them it's Jennings that's scoring well. But then, who knows with this lot.
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