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Discussion in 'SMB' started by HebburnMackem, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Really, you don't say?:lol:
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    She’s 28 now :eek:
  3. PTR

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    Im lost now tbh. There was a comfort that I'd "not seen all of star trek". They'd always be another episode to watch.
    But not anymore. "proper" star trek has ended now.
    I only just realised I'd watched all of enterprise this afternoon too.

    So, should I watch discovery?
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  4. Dark Traveller

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    No. Save yourself whilst there is time!!! Do. Not. Conform. Resist.
  5. PTR

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    These are not the answers I was looking for.
    Or something.
  6. I'm enjoying the new show personally. not into all the time lines, etc etc, but as a sci fi show, its very canny Imo

    why not? Decide yourself
  7. PTR

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    Does it feel like tos/tng/voy/ds9 or like the jja films? Or something else entirely?
  8. Randy Ostrich

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    Voyager's ending was canny for an hour but wrapped up far to quickly and you don't get to see anything that you really want to see.
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  9. Invictus

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    Probably the closest in style to the Kelvin Universe films of Abrhams.
  10. FootballFan

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    was Voyager the previous ship with the woman captain?
  11. Dogbark

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    Aye, pure fantasy ;)
  12. Billy Rocket

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    Aye, didn't even get to the end of the first episode without her driving it way off the road.

    You noticed it too?? ;)

    He's got one way of acting, and one way of speaking. Incredibly limited actor. He's a pretendy Shakespearian one trick pony.
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  13. PTR

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    Don't know what that means.
    JJA has formed star trek films into the same mess as Bay has done to transformers, where nobody even cares that a new one is out.
    That last star trek film was horrific.
  14. Invictus

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    If you think of the bridge design, uniforms and style of filming is more like the JJA films than anything else. As for the character development storylines etc is too early to really tell.
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  15. it has similarities but it is a new show, whose differences will become clearer in time

    try it
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  16. Billy Rocket

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    It means that stuff happens.
  17. PTR

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    I mean the Kelvin Universe, how does that differ from what I think of as just normal st
  18. Dark Traveller

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    Ok so to try simplify things....

    Eight years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis the Romulans become aware that their sun is becoming unstable, starfleet and the Vulcans devise a plan to use red matter to create a black hole to settle the unstable star, Spock volunteers to pilot the ship, but on his way to the star, it becomes unstable quicker than planned for destroys Romulas. Nemo, a romulan ship captain, blames Spock for the loss, and whilst attempting to flee, red matter is released sucking both Nemo and Spock’s ships into a black hole.

    Nemo arrives in the past and encounters the USS Kelvin, which Nemo destroys killing the father of James Kirk in the process. Thereby altering the timeline and creating what is now known at the Kelvin Univere.
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  19. HebburnMackem

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    Its very different IMHO and I'm an oldschool Trekkie

    Watched Orville Ep 6, It's good.. It just works as a series without the side excuses that Discovery is getting.
    I've given Discovery 2 seasons to become more like proper Trek like the others took, but modern TV audiences and agendas wont be that forgiving.
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  20. PTR

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    Is orville not a comedy???

    Right, the JJA bullshit one. I get it.
    Be can suck a billion dicks.

    Back to ruin star wars now too

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