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    Word to yo mama
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    Niaomi Wildman, eh? WHOAR. Eh? WHOAR.


    edit - the second photo. As it's you lot.
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    Evil eyes , I’m out.
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    I've finally just finished ds9. Totally missed it when it was on, and never occurred to me to watch it until about 3 years ago. Downloaded every episode and I've been watching every since.

    It was really really good. Totally different to tos, tng, voyager because it was largely set in the same place.

    The ending was awful, though. Partially because some bits were bad, but also because after 150hrs of watching, it's hard to see a character disappear knowing you'll never find out what happens next.

    Ds9 could almost have been a "soap".
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  5. Evil eyes, arrl owa.
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    Anyone else get that sad feeling in the pit of their stomach when they've watched a really long tv show that suddenly finishes. Or even sometimes just when a book ends and all those characters are basically no more.
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    Yep. When TNG finished it took me months to get used to it not being around. It had a profound positive effect on me that really blew me away back in the 80's and 90's. Without a doubt that show shaped me as a kid and and adult. I was in proper mourning. Pathetic really :lol:
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  8. Honestly, if it's had a good run and decent send off then in fine. When a show gives you massive blue balls it's the pits though.

    I thought DS9's finale was excellent, npt watched it since it aired though. Working my way through the show again, may not feel the same on a second viewing.
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    I enjoyed TNG, but didn’t feel too down when it ended it’s initial run. My first proper scifi telly adicition was Blake’s 7, after seeing nearly all the main cast killed off in that series finale that did leave me feeling like I was in mourning for awhile after. The feel good ending of TNG, didn’t even come close after watching B7 ending!
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    My dad was a huge fan of TOS and as a bairn that drove me straight to Star Wars and its fight the system message :D

    Now I'm older I really like the optimism of ST, the focus on working together, good leadership and fighting the good fight rather than blowing shit up, because they are better things to aspire to in the real world.

    While the Cold War and Martin Luther King were happening in real life they had a black woman officer, a Russian working with Americans,
    even a gay helmsman!

    They have a depth Star Wars can only dream of and pushed the boundaries in a way no other show could.

    Star Wars is fun but takes the easy route. Imo you're lucky have have ST as a formulative influence :cool:
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    Even though I wasn’t a really big fan of Enterprise it still annoys me when I think of that final episode.
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    Some of the ending was fine. Worf, miles, julian, ezri, nog all got really good endings
    Odo and kira had a proper end, even if it was sad.

    But siskos storyline was stupid. Not only did that entire pah raith arc have no bearing on anything else (you can literally take it out and nothing else would be affected), but it was also total shit. And then to leave his wife to carry and raise his child, thats a shitty end.
    Add that we already had that special episode where Jake won't allow his dad to be lost, and then you find it's happened again.
    No. That's not on.
  13. Billy Rocket

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    Was that anything to do with Avery Brooks being almost as wooden an actor as Patrick Stewart?
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    You disgust me.

    Actually, they wanted him to be a God, permanent. I. E. Dead
    But he wouldn't have a black man leaving a pregnant woman behind due to the racial stereotyping of that situation in America.
    So they added a line about how he'd be back one day.

    The episode where he narrates to the log file is a great one, his best I think.
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    In The Pale Moonlight, was perhaps one of my favourite episodes of his, Brooks gives a brilliant performance to the camera showing his weariness and frustration, daring the viewer to doubt him if he did the right thing. His performance in Far Beyond The Stars another highlight (also directed by Brooks).

    Avery Brooks could teach a thing or two Scott Bakula on how to portray a commanding officer.
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    Preferred her with the ridges.:lol:
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    I always liked to think that the people evolved with the technology. So the people we sent to space in the times of Enterprise were a different type of person than in DS9.
    You'd imagine that any commanding officer would change drastically in 200 years
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    Not at all

    Patrick Stewart a wooden actor......
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    Last episode not bad.

    That captain looks a bit of an alcoholic mind.
  20. She was about 10 in the show man.

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