Slow Drivers

Slow joe

It’s ironic you think you’re being safe when in reality you’d fail your driving test doing that.

Not really. If other people drove properly and at a speed appropriate to the conditions, driving in the left hand lane instead of the middle lane etc then other drivers who actually know the rules of the road wouldn’t get angry.
No arsed. I've passed and I'm a good driver so all's good.


I love it when an Audi or BM moron tailgates as I am over taking. I slow from 80 to the same speed as whatever I am passing and stay there for as long as it is not affecting other drivers.

I got from the Airport turn off to Junction 80 (Blyth) when north bound on the A1 last week. A stressed out Audi inches off the back of the van all the way, he was purple when he eventually passed. I was enjoying it so much I thought about binning work and carrying on to Edinburgh.


If I can see someone absolutely hoofing it in my rear view mirror, I tend to get out of the way. Aye, they might be a dickhead, a boy racer. They also might be trying to get somewhere before they're late, might be a relative on their death bed for all I know.


I absolutely hate the bas$$$da
What gives them the right to hold up my journey.
It's not restricted to oldies either. Without generalizing more women do it than men it seems.
Then you get the ones with that sticker in the back window "The closer you get, the slower I go "
Grrr. Open fire
Audi driver with a dick best described as an inny i`m guessing


As a HGV driver they're the scurge of the earth. The worst ones are those you get on a motorway when they've got roadworks on and down to 2 lanes, a 50mph limit with no HGV allowed in the outside lane but the fanny's in cars who'll only do 40 cos of the cameras stick to the inside lane 😡🤬


Are my biggest gripe on the roads, see more and more on a daily basis. Today on the way to Durham, a woman doing 30 in a 60 zone, what the fuck are they playing at man?!
90% of drivers have no idea what the speed limit is on most roads.
I like driving slowly. Not to the extremes in the OP but 23 in a 30, 35 in a 40, 60 on the A19 etc. I can do fast no problem if needed but as I'm getting older (39), I've mellowed loads in my life and just go about stuff at a steady pace.
Why not just drive the same speed as everyone else. You know, the speed limit
It's old fuckers driving at 50% of the speed limit that get me. Whenever i get stuck behind a powder blue micra or a ihonds jazz or some other pensioner carriage my heart sinks. That, and tractors.
You would love north Northumberland then!
Try and avoid the A1 at all costs at busy periods of the day..crazy the way some try to overtake on there .You can add parts of the a697 as well.
Lot of impatient drivers on roads these days ..just set of a bit earlier then you don't have to rush and get wound up.( incoming!!)
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Not necessarily a slow driver but a few weeks ago we were on a dual carriageway with a sign indicating roadworks and a single lane a mile ahead, and a 50mph limit iirc.

Both lanes were still open but a bloke was driving his car across both lanes at about 40mph.

I can only think that he was trying to slow people down and prevent other drivers from filtering in over the mile of two open lanes.

The result was that he ended up driving faster as irate drivers were stuck behind him.