Short man syndrome


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I'm 5'6" bit thin on top and full of fucking aggression you wankers .... So long as no one answers back.

Bloke next door has a real short man syndrome. Full of hell about the world permanently.... Work, wife, politics, footy, holidays, family.... He has a rant about everything

I couldnt be arsed.


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A lad at work is a proper sufferer of Small man syndrome. Tries to talk over everyone and be all superior constantly. The little shit.
You dont work where I do? :)

Im printing that explanation off tomorrow and apart from the short arse my work colleagues will have a laugh.

For the record I have a number of friends who are small but dont have short man syndrome.


I am short and balding and I also have grey hair. Why is it acceptable to give me gyp for these issues that I have no control over?
Because it's funny?

I’m sure you don’t look like shit man. I’m used to having hair etc so I suppose it’s me being a fanny. I’d be gutted. At least you’re probably not as clumsy as me. Phrenology would be difficult with my heed.
It would without steps.

I'm 5' 8" and prefer to use my wit and charm to diffuse a threatening situation.

Failing that, I'll kick them in the nuts and run away................
Judging by your posts on here you must be a crack shot at booting stots and as fit as fuck.

A few height porkies being told on here mind......:)
Height liars. :lol:

Imagine being under 6ft
5'8" is the average height of most conversations. No the wonder you've got a hunched back like Old Father Time and isolation issues.
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