Short man syndrome


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Because it's funny?

It would without steps.

Judging by your posts on here you must be a crack shot at booting stots and as fit as fuck.

Height liars. :lol:

5'8" is the average height of most conversations. No the wonder you've got a hunched back like Old Father Time and isolation issues.
At your age i think your dream of reaching 5'8" is a ship that has well and truly sailed.


I was once talking to my vertically challenged boss about another guy who worked for him who had small man issues and how he always wore stacked heels. Boss looked at me and said “if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that if you’re five foot two you’re five foot f***ing two and that’s the f***ing end of it”. Not sure what the moral of the story is here- I’m six foot f***ing two and I don’t give a shit.


Worked on the doors in bars and clubs around Boro in the 90's and then after that ran pubs all over the NE until around 8 years ago. Small men have issues...
Now if you combine the two and put a short man working the doors they really do have issues.


I was lucky, was the shortest lad in my year at school, thought I was doomed to a life of ridicule. :cry:

Soon as I left school I shot up to six foot, thank fuck.

I'd hate to only be 5 foot plus.