Short man syndrome

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Hongkongphooey, Jul 9, 2019.

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    There was a lad in the yards in the 70's called Stormy. He was about 5ft 4 and he had a blazing temper most people including the big lads kept well back.
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    OOOSH YEAH Midfield

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    The bit where he throws his breakfast away in disgust and then goes back to pick it up is hilarious!

    OOOSH YEAH Midfield

    I don’t understand why you’d go mad about that in a cafe. Just a bizarre outburst
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    Your never going to understand................Your not short :( but I like the guy in the clip,because even I am taller than him :D
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    Years and years of pent up short man aggression
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    Some of them are radged as fuck.

    Told this story before, but a lad I know from Hendon had beef with a bloke about a foot taller than him. The big lad ended up moving house as the little fella would not stop wanting a battle. Every time the big un knacked him he'd be straight round as soon as he got out of hospital. Threatened to burn the blokes house down, with his kids in bed. Bytjeendthe big lad was a wreck.
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