Post a pic of your axe


I agree, those reissues are terrific guitars and an original would probably need to be kept in a bank vault. Which is a shame because they're meant to be played but some guitars are just too expensive to sod around with. With the Falcon, would you be happy with Dynasonics or Filtertrons?
Yeah that’s it, it’s daft when you consider
the grading system/pricing on the condition of old guitars for the value yet you have the premium to pay for relic guitars :lol:
Not sure tbh, I’ve only experience with the latter as I used to have a cabronita (sold with most my guitars when I was laid off a few xmas’ ago), so I need to try one properly before I decide to start saving again(never ends) :lol:


It’s ‘post a pic of your axe’ not ‘post a vintage pic of some wifey in the Vox factory’. So yeah actually, an explanation is needed.


Reet. I want a Ricky 330. Where should I start looking? New or old?
Bought mine at GG. Only one in the whole shop.

Was previously told waiting list is between 2-4 years!!

eBay have some availability from time to time. May need to check periodically if nowt there at the moment.

Someone told me if you see one, buy it! They are like Hen's teeth.

ReaL Madras

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Reet. I want a Ricky 330. Where should I start looking? New or old?
I have two, I got one brand new at the guitar shop at the bottom of Dean Street in Newcastle, the second one is about twenty years old with checking (had it when I bought it), I managed to get it for about £550 which was a bargain. Both are mapleglo..... I’ll post a pic tomorrow.




I was asked to do a repair on one of these, was really looking forward to having a play with it.
It turned up yesterday, and it was an Encore. A bit disappointing but surprisingly ok to play.
Hope no repairs are needed on mine, at least I know the man to go to! As long as the neck isn't in 2 I am sure it will be fine.