Police constantly quoting “diminishing resources” as reason for rising crime statistics

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Papa Smurf, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Your lass prefers that to the usual premature marra:);)
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    Crime has been consistently falling since the mid 1990s, though I've not seen the latest figures - are there any?
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    Blatant fishing by the op. Even in the darkest recesses of the SMB people aren't that stupid.
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    Who’d have thought that a country with an ever increasing population consisting of any old waif and stray from the 3rd world would result in an increase in crime!
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  5. It's still falling, just London has overtaken New York in murders, which is a little worrying. We're safe from people making jokes on the internet, so swings and roundabouts.
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    Wing thread mate.
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    New Yorks murder rate is over double London's this year. There was an early year anomoly but its way down again.

    Some crime is rising though. Burglary for example. The overall crime rate is either stagnant or rising conpared to last year, but the murder rate in london is still thankfully way way less than new york.
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  8. never underestimate the SMB
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    In fairness like - both the Police and Government of the day are to blame.

    The Government have cut too much. But the Police could do more with the money they are given.
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    Great point from the OP

    Like every other walk of life, technology is making life easier
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    Nee crimewatch either?...hows that ?
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    And here we go. You're the first to blame it on the darkies. What a surprise.
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    Waif and stray from the third world, how did you end up with Darkie.
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    Ethical crime recording has seen a massive increase in the recording of crime.
    The HMIC insisted that crime was recorded accurately which has become a fucking nightmare for cops.
    An example would be a group off lads ringingg peoples doorbell and running away Cops turn up and everyone has gone their separate ways and there is no one around . At one time the cop would just write the job off. Now a crime has to be recorded which incidentally can take up to twenty. Minutes.
    There are even a team of cops who look at all the incidents that come in and if there isn’t a crime recorded, They phone up the caller or listen to the call and if there is any hint of a crime it’s recorded. A cop has then got to deal with it or justify writing it off.
    Each cop On the beat will have a minimum of around ten crimes on their screen to investigate (that’s being very conservative) along with the radio going off all day adding to their workload.
    The whole system is totally unmanageable at the minute
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    Racism in its rawest form!
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    Policing these days is all about investigating name-calling in Twitter, dead celebrities snogging 15 year old groupies 40 years ago, and dancing about at Pride marches.

    It's no the wonder they've got not time for burglaries and muggings.
  17. You have to pay someone to watch all that CCTV video. Even the simplest incident can have hundreds of hours of CCTV footage - you have to pay people to sit there and watch it. Police don't have the bodies to take advantage of it.

    Same with DNA processing.

    Either OP is on a wind-up or he's an idiot/Tory press officer. :cool:

    Evening all.
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    You are right, the police are to blame for budget cuts equalling the loss of 20,000 police officers. To put that into context northumbria police 10 or so years ago had about 4,500 officers in the entire force. 20k would be like doing away with northumbria, greater manchester, merseyside and west midlands, and you would still be a couple of hundred short.

    Come on then, lets hear how you would do it. Keeping in mind everything has to be proportionate, legal and accountable, has to fit in with what the PCC has deemed to be the policing priorities, has to ensure no sections of the community are victimised etc.

    It is also making life easier for criminals, cyber crime is the fastest rising crime group.
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    Funnily enough I'm working at a house for a retired copper. He finished early, saying the exact same thing. He says they have full teams just sitting at HQ trolling through twitter facey and the like looking for "hate crimes". He said the world's gone mad and they couldn't give a fuck about owt else
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    I can verify on a weekend night shift, 4 polis to cover whole of Washington.
    Ne wonder the burglars are having a great time lately.
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