Police constantly quoting “diminishing resources” as reason for rising crime statistics

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Papa Smurf, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Same up here in Cleveland. About 4 single crew doing the nights
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    Cut funding for police, social care, mental health provision, prisons, education, pretty much anything that might help people not turn to crime.

    Blame Facebook.
  3. "Party of Lawnorder".
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    There you go then mate. From the horses mouth that. I’m not surprised one bit.
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    Are you an expert mate?
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    There is also the processing of that CCTV evidence to get it to a state where it can be viewed. When hard drive CCTV recorders first came out, they were treated the same as a computer in an investigation. The CCTV unit would be seized, a forensically safe copy of the disks were made, the originals locked away as evidence and it was the clones that were viewed. That means someone has to get the CCTV unit to the forensics lab, someone has to process all that, with all the paperwork to document the chain of evidence etc. The actual copy would take a number of hours too. It is a lot more work than just grabbing a VHS tape.

    It has been 13 years since I was involved in anything like that, so they may have refined their procedures (hopefully because it means the site loses it's CCTV for a day or two), but finding out how much work went on behind the scenes before anyone could actually watch the footage was quite an eye opener.

    It all felt like bloated paperwork, but with a procedure like the above it suddenly became very hard for CCTV evidence to be 'lost' or for the authenticity of it to be challenged, so it did serve a useful purpose. Bloody tedious, which is why I'm not involved in anything like that any more.
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    The County Council I worked for we had a cctv control room that had about forty site feeds coming in all with multiple cameras on each premises, large schools could easily have 20.
    The control room was manned by two people 24/7 and in the couple of years I managed this function we caught two incidents live, one graffiti artist and two lads taking the engine from a Council transit van.
    We used to wait for reports to come in and replay the tapes, cut and edit them for the Police to investigate usually without success.
    Non of our buildings were insured and rarely the contents as the costs were so prohibitive because of damage and vandalism. My boss reckoned it was cheaper to replace a arson hit school than insure all our property portfolio.
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    If there is no link between police numbers reducing and crime rising why do we have a police force then?

    Mutton Shunter on Twitter

    This. Some of the jobs that come in a amazing.

    Jimmy pushes tommy over at school. Do the sensible thing and ask parents if school are dealing? No. Call handler crimes it as an assault. 30 minutes to either update crime details or negate it.

    Not only that but jimmy also called him a nasty name last week. The call handler identifies this as being a course of conduct for harassment. 2nd crime. HMIC new rules mean 2 crimes need recording. Another 30 minutes.

    Out of that one call, thats a cop 1 hour behind a desk

    I could give you better than that. But its the police not managing their budget correctly dont you know. Ignore the 20k cops no longer there

    From what i know, the retired cop is fibbing
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    Not an expert no. I do however have extensive policing knowledge and experience.
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    You should know by now that knowledge and experience count for nothing on here. We have already heard from someone who is working on the house of a retired policeman that they are all looking at twitter and facebook so your first hand knowledge and experience is obviously wrong....
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    There is stunning ignorance and stupidity on this thread by people who think they know it all but know absolutely fuck all.
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    It’s always the same mux. The SMB would’ve found Madeleine McCann before her parents even knew she was missing, would reduce knife crime while also reducing stop and search, would stop active shooters by shooting off their trigger finger, to name but a few.
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    I'll take it up with him today mate, I'll tell him he's a liar , cos someone in the fareast reckons its bullshit.
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    Well I obviously don't know all the answers. But from my point of view the police were caught massively short at the back end of the 90s when the Internet took off and have never really caught up...

    A lot of policing is about perception - I don't think the staff you do have are visible enough, your PR team is shocking considering I rarely hear about the good work you do and any that I do hear about is massively outweighed by negative police stories.

    Loss of staff isn't the reason the crime figures have gone up - different types of crime you don't know how to handle is, in my opinion.
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    I know of two people who got a knock on the door from comments made on social media. One in the middle of the night, 1 hour after posting. Nothing racist, just banter. This copper seems the decent sort mind.
  16. GK

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    There's a direct correlation with less police and rising crime. Obviously like.
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    You'll be pleased then to know that it hasn't.
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    Staff aren’t visible because they are doing other things elsewhere that someone else would’ve been doing prior to the cuts. All of the civvie staff who were made redundant, who do you think does their job now?

    Are you aware that only about 1/3rd of an officers time is spent dealing with crime? Missing persons, mental health, neighbour disputes, events, welfare checks, concern for safety checks, coroners files, none of these are crimes but take up twice as much time.

    Crime has gone up for a variety of reasons, thd cuts being the main and by far the largest one. Ask anyone who has first hand experience and they will tell you that.
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    There are no cops sitting looking at Twitter and Facebook for offences.
    However there are thousands of people who contact the police to say they are upset, harassed or have been racially abused on these platforms and as said already above once this is done the incident is recorded as a crime and the police then have to investigate them.
    Investigation of a simple complaint of this type can take days to resolve due to human rights legislation around proportionally, right to privacy etc and the fact The companies running these sites are extremely difficult to deal with.
    Technology might help the police in some matters but it has created far more work than it solves.
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    I don't think he is a liar just mistaken and out of touch - as @Invictus said people contact the police with complaints and they have to look at them, hardly Police scanning Twitter and Facebook looking for crimes nobody has complained about. I suspect the retired copper is "old school" and a little out of touch maybe? Also I am sure the Police do have a fairly big cyber crimes division but looking at financial crimes, grooming and the like not that someone has called someone else fat on Facebook.

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