Police constantly quoting “diminishing resources” as reason for rising crime statistics

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Papa Smurf, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Papa Smurf

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    Absolute bollocks IMO!!!!

    Surely with the technological advances made over the past 20 years, internet, cctv on every street corner, DNA etc etc surely solving crime has never been so easy. What must it have been like 40 years ago when a bobby had a notebook, truncheon and handcuffs yet he still had time to patrol his beat and solve complex crimes!
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  3. Duracel Funny

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    So you think the police having their budgets cut by a third has no correlation to the rising crime statistics?
  4. andy

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    Call someone and a puff and the full might of the police force will be upon you. Victim of a crime,theft,assault or burglary. Here's a crime number.
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  5. Goat Eyes

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    The problem is, all the tech hasn’t changed the way judge and jury come to a verdict. It’s all still beyond reasonable doubt, showing CCTV footage doesn’t always prove intent or guilt so it still takes a hell of a lot of work to get a conviction.

    There will undoubtably be a direct correlation between dwindling resources and raising crime rates.

    Same scenario with the NHS.
  6. Aituk7

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    Police having their budgets cuts is undoubtedly a problem, less officers will always mean less crime will be prevented/solved.

    However I would also say that Police are being told by the government to use resources on policing nonsense such as browsing social media for nasty posts.
  7. Their numbers have been slashed to the point where they almost flip a coin to see which emergency they attend first to be fair mate. My best mate is a sergeant and he’s at his wits end cos the only people they seem to see are shitheads rather than decent folk that need help. The local Bobby is practically extinct and the numbers of frontline coppers have been halfed in some areas.
  8. RichD

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    They spend more time scouring twitter & Facebook looking for internet bullies upsetting some outraged sweaty than investigating burglaries and criminal Damage these days...
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  9. T_Bone

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    Let's face it, in a lot of areas if you go out to commit crime there is hardly any chance of you bumping into a Police Officer
  10. Gideon Gungeon

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    it's all labour' s fault iirc for manipulating a global financial crisis and then not being able to form any kind of opposition mate, forcing the tories to pursue economic policies that target the poor. they're a fucking disgrace imo
  11. Hamsterdam
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  12. Lewberry pie

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    Yes the tech helps catch people, it doesn't stop them commuting the act though, for theft and shit like that all we'd have to do is find drug treatment properly, instead that's been cut to oblivion so they save money except it costs shop keepers and use all money when we have things nicked.

    Its a load of fucking shit
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  13. duff_man

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    Biggest pile of shit I have ever read on here, and by fuck the bar for that has consistently been set high.
  14. heroesof73

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    Pay off the cowardly fucka types at the top that need protecting because they are too scared to get out of their car! Then use the savings made to put more coppers on the beat
  15. walesie

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    Criminals also have access to the technologies you mention, which another reason their workload is a shit load bigger than Dixon of doc greens
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  16. squashjoe

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    And Mr Mackey hasn't helped.
  17. GK

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    One of the worst "opinion " pieces I've ever read on here.
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    I'm late again
  19. Some Random Guy

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    At least part of this is the way crime is reported now.

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