Police constantly quoting “diminishing resources” as reason for rising crime statistics

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Papa Smurf, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Hull_Mackem

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    Maybe they are too busy to have got round to it yet. Which answers the OP.
  2. mux

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    Not really in my experience mate.

    Police are getting better at recording crime. There are many more crimes recorded now than would have been even two years ago.
  3. jackynutmeg

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    he is going about causing trouble
  4. duff_man

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    Expand on that.
  5. jackynutmeg

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    Posting videos and photos of them harassing people.
    Ringing her up from different mobile numbers and threatening her.
    Driving round like a fucking idiot.
    So he should be allowed to carry on with his arsehole lifestyle while she is frightened to leave the house?
    They havent even been back in touch with the guy for a statement that witnessed it all and actually saved her from more harm
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  6. Invictus

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    Have you told the cops what he’s doing? If so that gives them better grounds to arrest him.
  7. jackynutmeg

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    Yep and all videos and photos have been emailed to them
  8. Invictus

    Invictus Central Defender

    How long has it been since the initial incident happened? If it’s only been a couple of days then unfortunately that’s the way things are atm.
    It will also depend on the shift pattern days off etc. Of the cops dealing as these type of things tend to be kept by individual officers and they obviously don’t work 24/7.
  9. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    Been a week and a half now.
    TBH mate after saying they were going to do this..going to do that...saying the case will be passed on to the next office on shift...getting statements....looks like they have done none of that.
    They really need to get hold of him before i do.
  10. Invictus

    Invictus Central Defender

    I would give them a ring and see what’s happening. Things might be getting done that you don’t know about or the might need a gentle nudge to speed things along.
    If you think they are just not bothering their arses ring up and have a chat with their Sergeant and explain what’s going on.
    They will either explain why things haven’t been done or make sure something happens.
    Part of the problem is cops are swamped these days and things tend to get put off and put off because they are busy answering calls on the radio.
  11. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    Tried that mate. They just said they will keep us updated.
  12. BlackOps

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    PACE G doesnt mean it strangles the police. It usually works well. Where a job doesnt require an arrest its handy arranging with a suspect a time when it suits the cop for them to come to the station to be interviewed. No need to go out and look and lock up. Booking into custody and then having to be stuck inside completing a package to deal with it there and then. That happens when its required but getting people in as VAs is handy

    This is the issue at the moment. Person takes suspecter overdose. Call gets put through to police and ambulance. Ambulance intially grade it high. Cops attend first as we're quicker on immediate response. Person is fine, no severe symptons. Ambulance get diverted as they downgrade it to a 2-3 hour response leaving cops there and they cant leave.
    This is not ambulance taking respinsibility. Bosses have let this go on too much
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