Obi-Wan Kenobi


Thought EP5 was much more like it. The flashbacks intertwined with the game of cat and mouse between Obi-Wan & Vader in the present.


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Tbf to Disney they’ve made Vader look hard as fuck in this and rouge one
Rogue One - by far my favourite of any of the spin-offs (and better than a canny few of the main films too).

Gritty, murderous, knocking off main characters - surprised Disney went as dark as they did with it.
given his past, he's probably not a huge fan.
He could have done with a huge fan. Could have got to Kenobi No bother then.
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Unless he has another showdown last ep and he bears him again
Well thats obviousl6 going ti happen, but I think they could have done this as well or better without vader.
Obi-Wan's obviously gonna bray him again.
Clearly, but the story where vader gets pummelled and then never sees OBW until they meet on tge death star qas a better one.
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