Obi-Wan Kenobi

agreed on that, was a great way to film that sequence - amazing stuff all round.

one of them was kinda expected when he rocked up at the star wars convention last month - the second one i would have had a massive cob on if he hadnt appeared that end after they spend the whole series trailing him....

with obi1 so far away at that very moment, i did wonder if yoda would make that special appearance myself...

like everything star wars in the last few years, i've been watching it sat next to the bairn and its been the shared experience of that which papers over some of obvious cracks in the stories. loved it.
Who was that then?

Is Anakin a great General?

Great warrior perhaps, but that's about it.

I kept hoping Yoda'd rock up and knack Reva me like. :lol:

Welled up a bit when Leia's theme came in at the end and Obi-Wan's talking to her.

I kna there's some daft bits - but I've enjoyed it me. It's the only series I'll re-watch.
Between that and the complete failure to even attempt air superiority on Hoth, darth vader really is the bigggest liability in the Imperial commend structure. :lol:

Greatest villain of all time my arse :lol:

The light sabre duel was spectactular thpugh.


I probably enjoyed this series more than The Book of Bobba Fett. Young Leia I found a bit annoying but didn't really spoil it for me. I had a hunch Vader would get his arse handed to him in the last episode, to tie in with the line from A New Hope "Last time we met you were the master etc"


I'm not a star wars nut but have watched the spinoffs, apart from some bizarre situations in the storyline it was quite enjoyable.
I enjoyed it more than the book of boba fett but neither are as good as Mando which I thoroughly enjoyed.