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Discussion in 'SMB' started by bluesman, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Laeotaekhun

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    By that time you may have grown up a little, learned to accept that others may have opinions that differ from your own, without hitting the report button, and moved out of your parent's house.
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  2. Bob Fleming

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    Normal people do not have the opinions you have. You are not normal. No the wonder you removed yourself from western society. You were a loner here who didn't fit in.
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  3. Panhead

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    Yep, sadly those with opinions close to the Nazi party are deemed as c un ts these days.

    And you sir, are a massive c un t
  4. Laeotaekhun

    Laeotaekhun Striker

    Whatever you may say sunshine.
  5. Frijj

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    I think you aren’t in a strong enough position to criticise the lives of others.
  6. Laeotaekhun

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    The irony, coming from an individual who seemingly didn't fit in in his new home, after dragging his family half way round the world, then scurried back is remarkable!

    I refer you to my p.m.

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  7. Frijj

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    Is that a threat? You’re threatening me for (politely and justifiably) criticising you for promoting killing mentally ill people?

    For real?
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  8. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    No family were dragged across. They were born there and dragged back to be around family.

    The only one scurrying is you. Away from a society in which you don't fit.
  9. Laeotaekhun

    Laeotaekhun Striker

    Just how sad are you?

    I compare you to the footballers who wave imaginary cards at a referee.

    I never threaten people, only remind them that actions have consequences, as my p.m. made clear.
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  10. dangermows

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    PMs flying about ffs :lol:
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  11. Laeotaekhun

    Laeotaekhun Striker

    Can I assume that by posting that, after having sidestepped my earlier question you believe that the life of her killer was more important that the old lady he murdered?

    A simple yes or no will suffice.
  12. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    So we can’t discuss your views on mental health without you threatening me with ‘consequences’?
  13. The irony of complaining about reporting someone
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  14. Panhead

    Panhead Midfield

    I answered your question. I believe the lives of people with illnesses are just as important as those without them
  15. rudd

    rudd Midfield

    :lol: Wow
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  16. Hongkongphooey

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  17. dangermows

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    Fridge is going to get knacked.
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  18. I think Captain Gammon wants to link the judicial system and capital punishment to the health service and when people are diagnosed with a mental illness they are taken away and killed.
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  19. bigmarlon

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    :lol: Excellent.
  20. Barnacle Boy

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