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  1. I always find it astonishing that people know the inside story of everything.

    How anyone could know he is “playing on the fact” is beyond me
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  2. bigmarlon

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    Not at all, you're being ridiculous, Frijj. You don't like the fact that I'm anti-PC and pro-Brexit so you're trying to paint a false narrative that I'm a WUM in order to vilify me. You're being ridiculous.

    People know I'm not a WUM. Take one look at my post history you'll see that.

    Nice try though. Not.
  3. Nookie Bear

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    I do , I knew someone for a while that had murdered his mother - he couldn’t remember anything about it and had nothing to gain by telling me that. It’s common for the brain to blank out episodes of trauma , it’s happened to me before too
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  4. bigmarlon

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    Opinion. There's a difference. I don't believe his story, but I have no evidence to prove it. That's why it's an opinion.

    That's fair enough. People often disagree. I respect your opinion and won't attack you for it (like @Frijj)
  5. Frijj

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  6. bigmarlon

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    BTFO :lol:
  7. Frijj

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    No idea what that means
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    Google it. :lol:
  9. seaburnmackem

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    This. Even though he's convicted of manslaughter due to his mental state no way will he ever be allowed back in society. He'll be in a psychiatric unit for the rest of his days.
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  10. Panhead

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    Don't be such a dipshit. Do you honestly think the highly trained psychiatrists working for the CPS would allow that. They will have tried every way possible to see if he was faking his illness.

    If you have a psychology degree and have sat and talked to this lad, please accept my apologies
  11. Dave Herbal

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    Agreed. As opposed to a murder conviction, where he’d be out in 15. People seem to think that life still means life.
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  12. dangermows

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    Wonder if the voices in his head told him to amass an arsenal of weapons over time, to hurt animals, to stalk people, note down what they looked like, the car they drove etc too.
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  13. An opinion implies some knowledge of fact. It’s not an opinion, it’s a guess
  14. bigmarlon

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    So you believe his "I can't remember" story?
  15. I haven’t a clue. I haven’t got any more insight than the press reports.
  16. bigmarlon

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    Me neither. We're all just on here giving our opinions based on reported facts and his statements. I gave mine and Frijj decided to make a scene because he disagrees with my political beliefs, which have nothing to do with this thread. Typical Frijj. He could've just said "I disagree", instead he went on some mental "You're a WUM!" breakdown.

    He didn't go after the other 50 posters ITT who think this kid is lying. Just me. :lol:
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  17. Laeotaekhun

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    The death penalty had much to commend it.
  18. Barnacle Boy

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    He's a pontificating little drip who isn't anywhere near as clever as he'd like to think he is
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  19. Bob Fleming

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    What does that mean?
  20. dangermows

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