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  1. Referred to in the previous post but it was the b side of their big hit All Because Of You which I bought.
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    The Keel Row.
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  4. Right, I’ve been learning all the words to When the Boat Comes in and the boys seem to like it. Number 2 in particular loves anything musical so he enjoys it.

    I found this version on YouTube and it’s lovely, along with a very nice intro.

    I’m also trying to re-learn all the words to the Lambton Worm with the right accent anarl.

    It’s particualrly nice because mother in law’s parents are originally from Seaham and Great Lumley (moved to Coventry in the 30s) and Mr B can remember his grandad having a Mackem accent and saying “champion” quite a lot apparently.

    Cushy Butterfield next I think.
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    Bloody hell the kids must have loved that like!

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    Fuck em all,
    Fuck em all,
    Keegan, McDermott and Hall.
    We will never be mastered,
    By Black & White Bastards,
    Cos Sun’lands the best team of all
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    I’m coming home Newcastle, it’s like a nivva been away.....
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    By Jove.
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    Bob Fox and Benny Graham do some good NE mining stuff – I have an album called “How Are You Off For Coals?,” which I love – would really recommend that if you can find it. They also do the Pitmen Poets stuff, which someone posted earlier, and Fox has some solo stuff (I have an album called “The Blast”). It’s good that you want to keep their heritage in mind. My kids (11 and 8) are both little Americans by birth, but they both know Farewell Johnny Miner, an old Ed Pickford song that Fox does beautifully – I used to sing/play it to them (badly) on guitar and it’s stuck with them.
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    Penker not benker
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    Available for download on Amazon
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    As you said, various characters take the victim's role, and the outcome differs. Bloody deadly these puddins. I wonder who was cloddin them ?

    All of a sudden, a big black pudding
    Came flying through the air.
    Hit Mrs Kelly, a smack in the belly,
    And splarted all her hair
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  13. The Butcher

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    They hate makems, daft cows
  14. Thackeray

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    Do they? Why do you think that? Sounds more likely to be the usual Mackem paranoia, but I stand to be corrected.

    They're from Ryton way on anyway, so that's County Durham as far as I'm concerned.

    They were superb at the Sage a couple of months ago.
  15. The Butcher

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    Heard an interview with them on the radio, probably tongue in cheek but no need. Talented yes, but fk them. Paranoia? Dont think so, no time for people coming out with shite like that in media.
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    What did they say like? Are you sure you didn't just hear their Tyneside accents and inferred that they dislike Mackems?

    Just googled mackems and unthanks and can't see a single reference. That song I quoted is about press gangs in Shields.
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    Fantastic username! My lordzzz!
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  18. Absolute bloody hellfire sir :cool:
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    More Scots Borders though I think. It's also been recorded by Tom Waits, Dylan etc.

  20. I really like that even though I'm from Sunderland, " I'd walk the streets all day all night for the sound of me mother saying hinny Ha'way " its a lovely sentiment ... I imagine people from all over the north east who've lost their mams would offer to do this to hear mams voice just the once again, any how it's a nice catchy tune anarrl ;) :)

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