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  1. The kids are getting to an age when they like nursery rhymes and songs sung to them.

    I'd like to sing them some proper Northern songs so they know their heritage and the accent before they go to school and start talking like Spurs fans.

    I've got the lyrics to When the Boat Comes in off wiki, but there seem to be two versions - what's the consensus, wise SMB?

    And any other other good Northern songs should I sign to them?
  2. heroesof73

    heroesof73 Striker

    Lambton worm
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  3. Thackeray

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    Get them into The Unthanks eg Here's the Tender Coming.
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  4. Crocodile Shoes
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  5. Discopants91

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  6. Snugster

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    Fog on the Tyne.
  7. Charmless Man

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    Not ‘Northern’ songs specifically but Rant by The Futureheads is a good shout in terms of the accent.
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  8. mcq10

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    Bobby Shaftoes gone to sea?

    Mind singing this when we were in reception or year 1 at school
  9. becs

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    My Grandpa used to sing Cushy Butterfield to me :D
  10. heroesof73

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  11. Bladecat

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    Alan Shearer's illegitimate....
  12. Cowvahlo

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    Whatever you do, not this!!!

  13. Nelly The Elephant!
  14. riffraff

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    Fistikuffs in Frederick Street
    Tommy Kowies Kar
    She goes to Finos
    Me brothers in Borstal...
    The mags are getting beat...
  15. Wilfy

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    Dougie Giro
    Alfie from the bronx
  16. I vaguely remember that but don't know the words?
  17. becs

    becs Striker

    He also used to sing:

    All of a sudden, a big black pudding
    Came flying through the air.
    Missed me Ma, hit me Dad
    Knocked him ower the chair

    Not sure if that is purely North Eastern as there seems to be various variations on the type of puddings and relatives though :D
  18. girojim

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  19. JonMc

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    That's a good one. Follow up by taking the bairns to see his house in Spenny and feed the deer in the park.
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  20. janiep

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    Oh my goodness me where to begin.
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