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  1. duff_man

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    For kids they need to be short and to the point, the little fella loves the Lee Howey song
  2. :cool:

    When my lad was little he was convinced the Alan Shearer song used illiterate as the insult , he couldn't fathom anything worse than being unable to read and write bless him
  3. Lord Potts

    Lord Potts Winger

    It was always a "Benker" round our way . We refused to be slaves to the Mag dialect hinney. ;)
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  4. SteveB

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    Bobby shaftoe. Probably one unique to our lot ?
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  6. Chesterladmackem

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    Sorry had to do it.... bollox I kna
  7. Billy Rocket

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  8. WildTurkey

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    It’s a good tune, so was immensely proud when the young ‘un asked for it to be my ring tone when he was only 5
  9. heroesof73

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    told the story at my Daughter's Wedding of her first match at 5/6 or so. Mum asked if she had enjoyed it on her return and she said it was great especially the songs with her fav "the Referee's a Wonka" :lol::oops::lol:
    Thank God for the Chocolate factory:cool:
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  10. Jack Wolforskin

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  12. heston

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    So unsophisticated but so brilliant. Maybe in the top ten punk songs ever.
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  13. taipeisafc

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    I am sure it was “and his hands all clay” when my mother used to sing it
  14. Lord Potts

    Lord Potts Winger

    Now I have a vague recollection of what swarf was. Was it the razor sharp spiral of steel that was produced when drilling large holes in to thick steel plates? I might be hoplessly wrong but if I am right I promise that I haven't looked it up.
    I used to see that stuff when passing Marshall's foundry/ workshop in The Kings Road off Southwick Green when I was a kid.
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  15. Big Sharp Teeth

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    It can lead to an odd mixture of pride and guilt. I dropped the bairn, seven, at her school for a half term sports camp thing the other day. I had to leave her in a sports hall full of lads in Chelsea and Arsenal strips while she was in her Sunderland top. I was proud but also a bit guilty for the stick she might get.

    Still, as I always tell her, it’s character building.
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  16. riffraff

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    Kerf or Kurf. Not sure about swarf tbh. But I’m a sawdust manufacturer.....when I can be arsed.
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  17. My lad boards, has to have his name in everything.... Except anything SAFC related, " no need mam, nobody else is going to claim that"
  18. Billy Rocket

    Billy Rocket Winger

    And a true story.
  19. Swarf - Wikipedia

    Yeah, like this
    And you used something called Swarfega to clean the shit off your hands.
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  20. Lord Potts

    Lord Potts Winger

    Iteresting - "Swarf" doesn't seem to be a NE dialect word though. It sounds as if it should be.

    I always have a tub of Swarfega about. Apart from your hands I have found that it's the best thing to get wet paint and oil off clothing. It's much better than turps and white spirit that damage the natural oils in the cloth, are harder to wash out and stink.

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