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Discussion in 'SMB' started by James, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. errant

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    I said the war on drugs album was shit after a couple of listens, I’ve come round a few months later although I probably prefer the previous one.
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  3. Arkle

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    Doing much the same this weekend and you're right about Ifriqiyya Electrique! One of the best things I've heard this year. Les Filles de Illighadad also excellent, more conventionally desert rock but with female vocals. I think Man Forever, SAICOBAB and Sirom all get filed under intriguing and SAICOBAB certainly get classed as utterly mental.
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  5. Mackem Dave

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  6. Arkle

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    Aye, a couple of Martha are in Onsind, I think.
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  7. Mackem Dave

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    Cracking. Sounds like a canny night. Cheers for the heads up @Thackeray
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  8. Very good shout giddy there mate. Excellent record
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  9. Arkle

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  10. Arkle

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    Aye, it's very good indeed.

    New Uncut arrived yesterday. Cover CD is very good...
  11. You know her?
  12. Arkle

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    For the sake of completeness, I might as well add the release of Juicy J's album today to this thread.\

    Also, how did I miss the Kelly Lee Owens album when it came out? It's really good....
  13. Mick Dundee

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    There’s yet another King Gizzard album out. Their Facebook page said it was out yesterday but it didn’t appear on Apple Music until today.
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  14. Yeah it’s on Spotify today

    It could be either mint or dross. That’s their way
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  15. Arkle

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    On first listen, it's one of the good ones...
  16. James

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    Happy new year to all of the regulars on here, your musical opinions are the main thing that make me return to this place every day!

    Here's to a good 2018 and another hundred pages on the thread! :)
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  17. Mackem Dave

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    Think I only started following this thread properly this year but discovered some cracking stuff through it so cheers all.

    Happy new year
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  18. Arkle

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    Thanks for starting the thread almost 5 years ago! I've discovered so much new music from this thread and would like to think that at least one person is listening to Albanian prog-folk tonight on the basis of one of my recommendations... happy new year, everyone!
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  19. Colbert

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    Some F*ckwit nicked the CD off the last Uncut in our local Tesco, some sort of recommendation.
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