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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by brandon, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Cain000

    Cain000 Full Back

    The two lads who got the runs are born and bred whitburn and so is the lad who bowled South North's top order out.
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  2. Carteron

    Carteron Midfield

    Rushy being a good lad who supports local cricket will be just fine. Kimblesworth gets a bad rep on here because someone had a bad day there once, it's a good little club that's gone back to basics after overspending, and does well to survive with sacriston just along the road.
  3. salver 1st round

    sunderland beat south north today
  4. Old Timer

    Old Timer Midfield

    Washington also beat Hetton as well, two surprise results.
    Washington CC, Durham
  5. Greavsie

    Greavsie Winger

    Not true. They’re bell ends
  6. JonnyJarman

    JonnyJarman Midfield

    Hooker on fire! Think Washy will deffos be up there at the end of the season, hopefully with us.
  7. sproates33

    sproates33 Striker

    Some player like :cool:

    Think the 1s have a great chance provided Hooker / Rimmington are fit and available.
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  8. rokerjoker17

    rokerjoker17 Reserve Squad

    Got to be a wind up.. love to know where he's getting his info from
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  9. JonnyJarman

    JonnyJarman Midfield

    Looks like it may keep dry for the morra :cool::cool::cool:
  10. rokerjoker17

    rokerjoker17 Reserve Squad

    Hopefully pal. Wade in South North 2s?!
  11. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    They seem a very aggressive lot

    Never feel at home their

    Not sure why
  12. harmy

    harmy Midfield

    Rushy not playing for Hylton this week.
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  13. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Played for Durham 2’s yesterday like, anyone know how he/they got on?
  14. score-board

    score-board Subs Bench

    Yorkshire 2nd XI won by 3 wickets
    Live Scores
  15. JonnyJarman

    JonnyJarman Midfield

    Good game at Ashbrooke on Sat vs Boldon, shame we couldn't bowl them out but a proper game played in the proper spirit. Couple of their lads stayed in the club till 11.30 and all paying nearly 5bar a jar.
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  16. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Absolute bloody disgrace :evil:
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  17. JonnyJarman

    JonnyJarman Midfield

    That's the problem when it is not just a cricket club. Wish it was mind because the Rugby lot ruin the outfield every year and I have the bruises to prove it.
    They are gettting new management in and apparently a new brewery deal to reduce the price but I will believe it when I see it. Could be a gold mine!
  18. SAFC2012

    SAFC2012 Goalkeeper

    South North knocked out of the 40 over National competition today by Richmondshire.
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  19. mackemmover94

    mackemmover94 Goalkeeper

    Moneybags burnopfield rumoured to be spending more cash; Bancroft to play as an overseas.
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  20. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Bloody hell, mind he needs all the practice he can get at present.

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