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Never commented on the thread till now and just been looking in. Nice chap the board will be worse without him.:cry:
He was a lovely fella, and good at acting the **** - nobody did that better or was funnier at it. I grew to really like him and we had some great conversations. I've happy memories of a night drinking with him and some of the London lot a few years back, it was a special night.
That the night I converted Sheps away from being a Thatcher lover? Stew was a big Maggie fan, or at least he did his best to put up a contrary viewpoint.

Might have been the pastie in @Flavonoids face as well?
Such sad news, RIP fella.

Thanks very much for organising those Sunderland cycling tops and dispatching them halfway over the world. But the sizing was totally screwed up, the XL is the same as a UK small. I can not squeeze into the XL despite losing a couple of stones.


Must be a bonus to know you're dying rather than just be hit by a bus.
I'd have a big party, only a few might turn up though, cheap night.
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