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My funeral

Discussion in 'Gone but not forgotten' started by the flying graysons, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Shall I send you one?

    Please please please. Stop.
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  2. It's called a card. Hoy a stamp on it and it's there the next day.
  3. Mad Man

    Mad Man Midfield

    ------THE END------
  4. bucksoutcast

    bucksoutcast Midfield

  5. nz joe

    nz joe Winger

    I know this is late but I still want to pay my respects .
    RIP Stew.
    I remember way back before he came to NZ ,he contacted me about living out here. I did my best to point him in the right direction but he still decided to become a JAFA.
    I've never known someone settle as well as he and his family did . Never met him but from our conversations it was obvious he was enjoying it here immensely. Be it sailing ,fishing ,diving or in his motor home.
    Hope his family stay and carry on living his dream .
  6. medina

    medina Subs Bench

    Sad news and an awful loss.
    Is this going Gold as a tribute?
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