Music questions for us oldies

Discussion in 'SMB' started by XK120, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Quench

    Quench Winger

    Was just going to post this. Listening to it now on Rough Trade vinyl, bought the day it came out.

    Also the following defined my early teens:


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  2. vinegar hill

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    Led Zeppelin 1 and 2
  3. The Count

    The Count Central Defender

    Another couple that still get listened to now as much as then:

  4. Slim999

    Slim999 Central Defender


    Stranglers pre 82
    Bowie pre 1980
    Roxy pre 76
    Ultravox pre 80
    Simple Minds - Real to Real
    Joy division
  5. leyburnrunner

    leyburnrunner Central Defender

    Street In The City is a classic.
  6. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    That's not a problem at all. We all start like that. It's just that if someone says they're really into a certain type of music then says their favourite album is Now 18 or Hits 5 etc. I think they should be called out on it. :lol:
  7. VHFC

    VHFC Striker

    Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders FromMars. Classic album. Just been watching documentary on BBC4
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  8. Scimmy

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    Unfinished Sweet is fucking monstrous! :eek::eek::lol::lol:
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  9. Now you may be a good poster, but I'm not feeling those choices.

    Elton John has done so much better than TC.
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  10. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    Yes he has PB but what an album that early ....

    Free haway man

    And Rory

    Man alive what a turn ;)
  11. Not especially a fan of RG or Free, but did like old Nhoj Notle.

    Don't Shoot was a far better album than TC, imho of course
  12. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of Reason Striker Staff Member Contributor

    You are of course welcome to yewer wrong opinion ... :)
  13. :lol:
    Of course.:cool:
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  14. Aye Glyn Johns produced a cracking album there to try and get Ronnie back on his feet after Passing Show had gone tits up..What a treat folk missed on the town moor in July 74, was one of the thirty odd who went, that was all he got over three nights shame because Anymore for Anymore is a cracking album.Still miss plonker Lane one of the best.
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  15. Probably not that many, tastes change,

    But Steve Harley& Cockney Rebel would be one. Four Tops would be another.
  16. zinedine

    zinedine Winger

    I'm currently listening to These foolish things, the first Bryan Ferry solo album albeit on cd in the car. It's my all time favourite album and also from my youth. I'm now looking for a turntable to hitch to my Yamaha system so I can revive my loft bound vinyl collection. I haven't embraced downloads, I just don't get the concept of paying money for some thing you can't physically hold or see. Give me a cd, a cassette or an album on vinyl, anything but a fucking rip you off download.
  17. calmac

    calmac Midfield

    Days of Future Past...Moody Blues
    American Beauty...Grateful Dead
    Atom Heart Mother....Pink Floyd
    Tommy....The Who
  18. Lammi

    Lammi Midfield

    These, without the first one
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  19. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Winger

    For some reason I remember my sisters (both way older than me) telling me a tale from when they were at school and the Headmaster in assembly was condemning the graffiti in the boys' toilets. Specifically the practice of writing their names on the wall. He finished by saying 'And I want to see Rory Gallagher in my office at break'. :lol:
    A missing scene from Kes, almost. :lol:
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