Music questions for us oldies

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  1. tonyfromalnwick

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    [​IMG] All the way from July 1968
    The Beatles White album was going to be called Music from a Dolls House, but Family got there first !
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    Both timeless classics
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  4. Still play this regularly.
  5. joemcdokes

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    I prefer that to all their other albums.
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    Truth....Jeff Beck
    Disraeli Gears....Cream
    Hot Rats....Zappa
    All spun in the last month; all regular vinyl faves.

    Brilliant piece of work. I had a copy but it went missing/loaned/nicked.
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    Bowie: Man who sold the world, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs
    T.Rex: Electric Warrior, Slider, Tanx
    Cockney Rebel: The Psychomodo
    Alice Cooper: School's Out, Killer, Billion Dollar Babies
    Sparks: Kimono My House
    Sabbath: Paranoid, Master of Reality, Volume 4
    The Who: Who's Next
  8. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    Same generation as me then. I listened to Billion Dollar Babies the other day. Superb.
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    Tremendous album that, first in a sequence of 3. I got them by accident at a jumble sale a few years back and still listen to them. Classics up there with the best of anyone else.
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  12. George Kaplan

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    Abbey Road
    A Wizard A True Star
    Nearly Human
    Pet Sounds
    Forever Changes
    Invitation to Openness
    Solid Air
    One World
    Katy Lied
    Waiting for Columbus
    Feats Don't Fail Me Now
    Fire & Water
    Songs For Swinging Lovers
    Blood On The Tracks
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Court and Spark
    Electric Ladyland
    Tim Hardin 1

    which, coincidentally, I should have posted on the 'your desert island albums' thread
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  13. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    Feats Don't Fail Me now. I'd forgotten all about that one.
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  16. Mellow motorway driving music:

    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
    Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
    Trick of the Tail - Genesis
    Live Tapes - Barclay James Harvest
  17. Wred

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    Steely Dan first seven albums.
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  18. 10 Gary Rowells

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    All Mod Cons.
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  19. The Neutral

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  20. Hardyman's Yugo

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    Listening to it in the office atm
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