Mouse in the house

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MackemRocker, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. mcq10

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    Those plug in pulse things work well. Sends electronic pulses via the wiring in the house that irritates rodents.
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    £7 on amazon
  3. RichD

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    Massive rats...
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  4. mini-x2

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  5. John Steed

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    Get @The Exile on the case he specialises in flame throwers.
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  6. soapster

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    my daughter has had an issue with a mouse and called out the council rodent catcher at a cost of £50. They will come out inspect and put down poison. they then return days later to inspect and collect dead mouse (mice)

    a good tip she got from him was to stuff the hole with wire wool and then seal it. if you just seal it, they will gnaw away and return but the wire wool cuts their mouths so they leave it alone
  7. bernardbresslaw

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    You need a minimum of 3 visits if you're laying bait mind.
  8. cluffy

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    Would have thought a cat would be enough tbh.
    When I had RaT problems I used poison and traps - blitzed the place and it worked
    Also check for where they could get in and block up all entries
  9. bigmarlon

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    Conventional mouse traps don't work. They'll eat the food right off the fucker without triggering it.

    Your best bet are those sticky pads, although they'll jump over them if you don't position them in a way where they can't. Find their holes and put the sticky pads right outside them so they have no choice but to walk over them. Then wait for the screams. (Oh yes, a trapped mouse will squeal like a fucking pig.)
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  10. pinewaves1868

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    We had one once, am sure the little piss-taking fecker came in inside the hoover of the bloke who came to service the fire/heating. Traps didn't work, had loads of the things. It eventually met a grizzly end which still disturbs me if I think about it. But feck it. It was annoying.
  11. Linus

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    There is never just 'one'.
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  12. MackneyHackem

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    Had them for absolutely ages, tried all sorts. Nothing worked. Got a dog and they’ve all fucked off.

    Ripped its own legs off trying to escape from a sticky pad?
  13. bigmarlon

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    I had a few in a bedsit where I lived years ago. Tried poison, they just ate the fucker. Tried traps, they just ate the food off the traps without triggering it. In the end I had to find where they were coming from and build an elaborate trap using sticky pads in such a way where the only way into my room would mean walking over one. Then, one night, I was awoken by.. "AAAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHHHHHHH!". The twat was stuck to the pad and screaming for help.

    It met a grizzly end on the end of a baseball bat. I pounded its fucking head in.

    The rest took the hint. Never saw one again after that.
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  14. pinewaves1868

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    We had 'one'. It died. Then there were 'none'. 'None' before, 'none' since. I'm confident we had 'one'. It wasn't a resident mouse, it was a tourist mouse. Travelling alone. Without the family.
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  15. bigmarlon

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  16. Linus

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    Not having it. They've been biding their time breeding, there is a huge extended family network just waiting to... attack.

    Or, yes, you may have just had a lost tourist mouse.

    How did your one mouse die by the way?
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  17. MackneyHackem

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    Why did you have a baseball bat?
  18. Rhubarb

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    Set fire to the whole street only way.
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  19. My Boy Harry

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    Yes, youve got the right solution ie a cat. One of your dogs would have been after it as well. They have a sixth sense with mice - we had one the other month - and it eventually ended up in the mouth of one of our dogs. Just sauntered into the living room and dropped it on the floor. Dead.
  20. bigmarlon

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