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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Son of Stan, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Paninaro

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    He was Oz's son in Auf Weid Pet series 3
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    Hastings interviewing the Strike Team would be a sight to behold, they'd run rings around Steve and Kate like :lol:
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    Shane offering him a nice packed lunch would be canny like :lol:
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    Reet, just caught up with two episodes a day. I have spotted right at the start what is definitely an important clue. When the head girl in gegs first rings Thandie she does it on Thandie's home phone. The writer flags to us three times it's the home phone, so it's important. And yet when Thandie is in her car and ringing the husband, she uses her mobile. Why didn't gegs girl ring her on her mobile? Is it a secret mobile eh? Eh?

    Dinnar who did it tho but.
  6. Arkle

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    Do you give your personal mobile number to all of your colleagues? Slightly surprised that she may not have a work mobile though, given that I do.
  7. janiep

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    She does have a work mobile, she has to surrender it later in the series. So they don't ring her on her work mobile at the start - why?
  8. Arkle

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    It's a secret work mobile which can only be called by officers of at least one rank above her?
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    He's a big bloke, I said the the other week that the husband repeatedly ringing his brief was a bit suss. Then we see the brief and he's a right unit.

    He's there lad. I'm not so sure about it now though as you're a bit of a divvy.

    I'm not sure, I'd quite like to rattle her.

    Aw bollocks.

    I was on the edge of me seat expecting her to reveal her Dawn of the Dead mitt.
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    First two on Netflix, third is on iPlayer
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    They must have been canny short the way it looked like he bit them.

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    Whey they're well short now like!
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  14. muggboots

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    To be honest, if someone was about to chop me up with an electric saw I reckon I'd get a bit fighty.
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  15. I'm nee doctor but I assumed that she'd blocked the chainsaw with it. I'm nee lumberjack either.
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    The Guardian reviews of Game of Thrones and Westworld were also excellent.

    That would be a helluva cure for nose picking.

    That's okay.
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  17. janiep

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  18. that copper with the specs was in WPC 57

    what is that pregnant Indian lass up to with that top copper?
  19. Arkle

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  20. CatRyan

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    I have said from the start that I would be disappointed if it was as it seemed to be leading it too strong.:D

    I can't wait to see how this unravels.... are they luring in that top brass with the pregnant wpc? What is going on? :-O

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