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Why do we need an LGBTQ supporters group? Pardon my ignorance, but the club appears very open and accepting, surely by creating a seperate group it's creating an unnecessary segregation. Wouldn't it be easier if the lad helped out an existing supporters branch and dropped the tag?

If the lad decided to setup a stall and it wasn't led by the club, I'm unsure why the club should have to foot the bill and I imagine obtaining PI for someone that is not considered staff would not be within the club's interests.


He like ever other stall there need suitable insurance. The club shouldn't be expected to provide that for Sam and his LGBTQ stall. Pay for them but not others. Sounds like absolute discrimination to me.

That's my sensible view of it.

My personal view of Sam is that he is an absolute disgrace and the club should refuse to have any dialogue at all with him in the future. He is a liar, prone to making serious, unsubstantiated allegations and a very mixed up fella.

If you're reading this Sam. Piss off.


Because they get the positive publicity out of it. It’s not a branch in the traditional sense

I get why others may disagree with that. It’s my opinion
He wasn't employed or asked to do it though (as far as I'm aware), he chose to do it.

It would be like someone doing something for a charity in a Sunderland top then demanding the club helps them with it.
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