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If DAZN win the purse bids what do they have control over? For example can they name any venue and Fury has to accept it? And tell Fury his dressing room is a cupboard?


It won’t happen no.

Why would it be a positive thing?
1) would stop ridiculous brinkmanship, hopefully get more fights happening. Spence v Crawford isn’t happening for many reasons, money is one
2) probably makes little difference. If Canelo is fighting a mandatory, he still makes 75%
3) someone getting smacked around the head is still well paid in a two man contest
Id do a champ 50% challenger 25% and 25% to the winner seems pretty fair to me and just make it the standard....obviously this would be too simple and common sense to ever be used
Just finished Kings on discovery +.

Just fantastic - never see that myriad of brilliance again, even taking away the fights between each other amazing moments a
Plenty. Christ man i nearly forgot Duran coming back at 38 and beating Barkley in a war.

Also brought back some Memories of being a lot younger than I am now, pinpointing where I was when I seen these fights that got me hooked on boxing.

10/10 recommendation.


The powerhouses known as Charles Martin and Luis Ortiz fight.

Like watching a bairn fight his granda at the family barbecue