Keith Bell South Shields


I can’t remember Keith having a Doberman, he cut his staffie’s ears off tho. He had a crocodile at one point, and 3 goats. Used to see him walking down bamburgh ave with 3 goats in towe.

Not sure how the BOSS ever got linked to Sunderland, they had no connection with football from my memory.
None whatsoever.

I went through school with Billy C (he was in my year). Also in Junior school with him and Paul Walker. He's dead now as well.

I knew all of the Boss and spoke to them, never had any issues but obviously I didn't mingle with them outside of school and after we finished.

My sister was married to one of them (won't mention who on here like) and is still very good mates with Gary C. He lives in Seaham now (or did). Bought a house off Norman Fada (another hard case).

Kev C was still handy mind, remember when he dropped Tony S a few years ago after being sounded out.

Which leads me to my Belly story.............

Norman and another one of my mates Billy W worked on the doors down shields. Had many a run in with Belly. They always used to say about him........he wasn't too difficult to knock down, however he always got back up whatever he took and that he was wasn't afraid of anything.
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