Keith Bell South Shields


Fucking hell, that's a blast from the past. Changed his name to Keith Collins I think too? Certainly a "character" round here a couple decades ago. He barged into my sister's flat one time as she had befriended his lass who was hiding from him.


Central Defender
used to live directly across the road to him in whiteleas....i was too young to remember but my sis says that his old man used to give him boxing lessons on the front lawn when he was a kid and didnt hold back from knocking seven shades out of him...taught from the good parenting manual of course...

Joe Public

Me sister (no) went to school with all them :lol: think a load of them have moved down Hull now as they were always getting shite off the Northumbria polis.
Do you think they just move en masse together?!? Billy is dead, as is Foster, the boss hasn’t existed since they got sent down.