Jermaine Defoe - Poorest signing in recent memory

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Terrible signing I was so looking forward to championship football and visits to such esoteric places as Brentford and Preston


Is it actually possible for anyone to argue that he isn't the best signing in recent memory? Given the absolute disaster of a player we actually managed to swap him for, his goals/points return and the amount of overpaid, underperforming wastes of money we've signed in this stint in the PL, I genuinely can't think of a better signing.

Not a go at the OP either, he's a good poster and he's took the stick well on this thread.
Cannot understand how anyone can think he's been a good signing.

He's on a fortune.
Hes past his best.
He's average.
But he's still an alright player.

But we have fucked ourselves over by repeatedly trying to figure out how to fit him in. We haven't got a clue.

Simply, we can't start him. He can't play a lone striker role as he isn't big enough or enough of a target man. He can't play out wide as he doesn't defend enough. He can only play as part of a front two. Which we can't play as it leaves our midfield too exposed.

He's been a dreadful signing. Not what we needed at all, on a fortune, at an age where we're stuck with him.
Just read the 1st few pages of the thread. There's a few classic posts from the OP but this one is what stuck out most. Look at the 1st line man :lol::lol:
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