Jermaine Defoe - Poorest signing in recent memory

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:D And the moral of the story is, engage brain before posting knee jerking rubbish.
Hold on lad. I was wrong, absolutely, and I've said it repeatedly. It wasn't knee-jerk though. Christ, there was even a few agreeing with it originally.

Again, not saying it was right, not arguing that. It just wasn't a post match rage!


Central Defender
Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaa..... just so fecking wrong!!! :) See the interview with him after the match... the bloke was in bits!.....


Controversial view, but his signing has been a disaster.

Not so much as a player: despite being four years past his (pretty average) best, he's still our best goalscorer and an alright player.
You must smile in irony every time he scores. 15 league goals
But he turned Poyet's grinding, but solid, team into a complete shambles as Gus fannied about trying to find a way to accommodate him in the side. Convinced if he hadn't signed, we would have ground out a dull survival, Poyet would still be manager and we'd be moving on with a actual philosophy and at least trying to play good football.

Even after Poyet, Advocaat was at a complete loss how to us him, and now Allardyce his.

He's on unspeakable wages, until he's about 63, and three managers in a row have basically admitted there's no way to fit him into our side.

A genuinely, catastrophically awful signing, which we didn't need and didn't fit, which is the biggest shambles of the whole Congerton era of awfulness.
Get to fuck you berk.

Won 3-2 today and you're calling people a twat? Gan take your pyet for a shite.
You started the calling I just replied

Easy to jump on the band wagon mate.

Although you right today is for been happy not calling each other names.

Have a good night know I am going too


He should be going to the Euro's as first choice striker, with Harry Kane as back-up.
Seriously, before anyone asks; he's in the form of his life and he's always had class.
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