January 16th live footy on tv

Parma v Roma
Coppa Italia Round of 16
Kick off 20:15
BT Sport 3

Think I'll talk to my lass
Morning Hank. Morning peeps. Nowt for me.
Morning Hank, and co.

Nowt for me again.

Have a good day, all.
Morning HC
Morning Hank, Becs and all, nothing there for me, in Lister hospital in Stevenage getting well sorted at last.
Morning Snorbens. Hope all goes well mate.
Morning hank lad
Morning SJL
Morning marra
Morning Marra.
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Morning Hank & morning all. Nothing tonight or last night. Watched White House Farm, quite good. Just on my way out now so I hope you all have a nice Thursday. A great weekend of football awaits, but @TiptonBaggie's team and my team are on MNF next week.

@Dilligaf60 , have a good kip mate. Windy as here, hate to think what its like were you are,🍉.

@becs , morning, hope you are getting there now and have a good day,x.

@Snorbens , all the very best pal, hope you get sorted , 👍👍.

@Wakey ftm in Sussex , morning pal , enjoy your pasta 🍝 tonight and a great weekend for you both coming up.

@Spam Javelin , @Rip Van Fish , morning chaps.

@Horley Chorley , have a good day mate.

@AndyGray1985 , @eddtheduck , @HuffyDuffy , @st joes lad , @TiptonBaggie , @EchoMan , agreed pal , @robbied1 , @Johnap , @Kingdom Bhoy , @riffraff , @Stortford , it is mate , @Butcher's Coat , @Musicman , @sismanhatton , @thecloughywobble , @rubberface , @Bonzo , @coach13 , @Mainze , @The Hesford Diet , @viccarlton , @Kid Galahad , @myleftfoot1978, @NewAdventuresInWiFi , @Geronimo , @PeteFTM , @Fetch Fletch , @Mally Mackem , @janey , @TaylorBoosh , @CLENK88 , @Wayne The Punk , @wigwams , @Bonzo , @niceonemarra , @cluffy .... And to you all yet to post, have a nice Thursday.