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    Completely disagree
    School should prepare children for adult life.
    My wife has a business and employs apprentices however most have no idea about respect, application of rules or how to assertively engage.
    I’m glad your kids school has tight boundaries. This is what school should be. Not concentration camps but leaders of respect and implemtation of boundaries.
    I just hope you don’t opnely critisice this.
    I’m sure that as a respectful parent, any grievances you have will be brought to the attention of the head rather than siding with the children or waging war on social media as I have witnessed before.
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    Pensions is the biggest part of welfare, now I've no issue with making sure pensioners are looked after but I know a lot of pensioners who are very wealthy and still getting way more than they need from the state. This money should be spent elsewhere.

    When the school implements the rules well, they have my support, when they don't they do not. Never by social media but by explaining to the kids how to courteously question bad decisions. Some teachers deal with this well, others just want total obedience and not to be questioned, however Queen Victoria is not on the throne any more.

    Tight boundaries is completely wrong, we're driving the creative side out kids. The economy no longer needs drones to complete repetitive tasks, it needs kids who can think and challenge, not blindly follow rules. School should be enjoyable not just endured.

    As I always said to my teachers, you earn respect it works both ways. Haranguing kids because their top button is undone in the height of summer serves no purpose and destroys respect.
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    It wouldnt have been running a deficit if the govt hadnt choked off the recovery. But lets be honest here, in the budget they just spent another £1 billion on weapons, we can always afford wars, we can always afford huge pay increases for MPs, we can always afford a couple of billion to buy the DUPs support to prop up the failing PM, we can afford to spend 7 billion on the houses of parliament refurb but leave kids sitting in classrooms full of holes in the roof and in building riddled with asbestos, but we can afford the £400 million refurb of Buckingham palace even though the Queen has already had the money once from the tax payer but failed to spend it on maintaining her properties. We can afford millions of £ to police minor royals weddings, we could afford millions to run a completely unnecessary general election as the PM thought she could build a bigger majority (then lost so had to spend billions buying off the DUP)..........I could go on.......There is nothing more important than education, it is the foundation of all industries and all sectors....Poor education leads to a failing country, end of story.

    You need the money to fund the ideas....There are scores of things that could be done, sadly when you dont fund them they cant be done.

    Huge issues in school with mental health problems, schools dont have the money to fund counsellings services to deal with it and CAMHS has just been overwhelmed as it has had its funding cut to the bone....Stupid thing is those kids if dealt with as teens would go on to be productive tax payers but no, save a few ££ and they end up on the scrap heap as adults.

    SEN kids need support and it is being slashed to the point that often there is none, without money it cant be dealt with as nobody works for free.

    Kids with severe behavioural issues (including extreme violence) can no longer be found places in alternative provisions like Pupil referral units as those units are all rammed full.....Also when each pupil is allocated £5k per year funding at a school then a PRU place costing £30k a year or more is massively undaffordable as budgets are squeezed to breaking.

    School buildings are literally falling apart with water pouring through the roofs, huge gaps round window frames, asbestos in situ in huge quantities and heating the often breaks down more than it works. It cannot be fixed without money. (And thats some of the new builds *barring the asbestos issue)

    A teaching workforce is becoming less and less experienced as those with experience would rather take huge pay cuts to work in other jobs than stay and have their health both mental and physical ruined by the obscene work load and trying to cope with behaviour that is getting worse and worse due to mental health issues and behavioural issues no longer adequately being dealth with due to cuts (see above)......I know teachers with 20 years experience who have taken pay cuts from £38k a year salaries to earn around half of that working in call centres rather than try to continue in education under these circumstances.

    So to answer your question no, without the money being made available there is not much else can be done as anything and everything that can be done "free" (usually meaning staff working even more unpaid hours) has already been done.

    Problem is that this is being done by exploiting and burning out staff....What is the plan now staff are just leaving in their thousands and they are struggling to recruit more? How will it work when class sizes continue to rise and rise which will push more staff to leave as the workload becomes more unmanageable.

    Im sorry, while it may not be the experience at your school I can categorically tell you that it is the experience in many. The education provided by teachers is excellent but if you have huge issues with kids with mental health issues that are not being treated etc then all the great teaching in the world will be for nothing as the kids will not access it or often will not end up taking the exams to prove they have had this great teaching.

    For what its worth I think governors are often the last people to understand the reality of what its like in the school they govern. Schools managements has a vested interested in making sure the governors get a positive view of the school as to not reflects on them. A bit like when OFSTED are kicking about Governors often see a very different school than the one that functions day to day.

    Agree with this, lots of great kids and great practice. Sadly it is despite the govt, the Dfed, OFSTED.....The damage they have done to education and to teaching is beyond belief and it is a credit to amazing staff like those that you have mentioned that they continue to deliver results while having an anchor tied round their necks.

    Very little teaching (good teaching anyway) works like this anymore.

    Very few classes are mixed ability with zero core subjects like Maths/English/Science not being setted. Only time there is mixed ability is GCSE where a subject only has a small number of kids opt for it and its not cost effective to set/stream

    100% this, where kids have parental support 99% will do very well. The link between parenting and achievement is undoubtedly closer than achievement and the standard of teaching.
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    Software like Google classrooms has revolutionised classrooms. A hugely powerful tool and free......A video resource/documentary of say 30 mins that would have traditionally have been watched in class is now set for homework and watched on their phones via google classrooms so that 30 mins work is done before they arrive in class and the teachers can teach rather than sit and watch the video with the kids as happened in the past.......Often kids will watch this on their way home from school on the bus.........Pupils also able to contact teachers directly via systems like this to clarify homework etc. Brilliant tool and while no fan of google they are delivering for education big time.

    This is what schools were like pre Michael Gove, sadly he decided schools should all be run like the "Golden age" he sat through so he reverted the curriculum, assessment and exam styles to the 1960s/70s........Why on earth are kids memorising 30 or 40 shakespeare quotes for an English exam in the 21st century, its beyond absurd. That is not education, its a memory test, a party trick that has no real world application.
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    The little uns school are using an app called Class Dojo, kind of a messageboard for back and forth between parents/teachers. No more missing letters in the bottom of bags. It's infuriating though as apparently she is consistantly well behaved at school yet is a little shite for me. Felt bad for them when she brought a reading book home that was from a school that shut down in 2003. Have started giving them ours when she grows out of them.
  6. So the money that the academy says it’s spent on infrastructure but gets proven not to have spent it, where’s that been squirrelled away too?
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    You tell me - there is fraud in local authorities you know? You said that an Academy has gone back into local authority because it was making insufficient profits - that is incorrect as they, by law, don't make profit.
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    Maybe if teachers were treated more fairly and valued like other professions and rewarded accordingly we`d get a higher calibre of teacher to teach our kids. Cut corners, treat them with contempt and you end up in the mess we`re currently in.
  9. Someone has, legally or illegally.
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    Yet none of that support existed when I was a child. Why is it needed now?

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