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    That's what I assumed tbh mate.
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  2. No, it's got a good rep. I think she meant from the teachers perspective of how they cope on a daily basis with continued pressure on them to manage all of the pastoral care as well as teach.
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    Im not sure if Winterbourne (WIA) will be shown on this but that nearly collapsed in terms of unding
  4. From my understanding it's going to be all three of the schools run by that trust. The smallest, and most troubled school is next week. Not sure what it's called though.
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    Whilst I wouldn't disagree that schools need more funding, so does the police, prisons, roads, public transport, fire brigade, NHS.

    I don't know what the answer is. They tried to cut the welfare and disability which was the right thing to do (if you read beyond the headlines) but the government was panned for that.

    Then we have the debacle of Brexit costing millions now and depressing the economy for years to come.
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    Apart from spending more money, what would you do mate.
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    Whats the issue with spending more money, we are the 5th richest country on the planet and the system is chronically underfunded. Why not give it the funding that is needed?
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    I don't think that's the answer, it would never be enough, same as the NHS.
    I'm asking if we could do something else.
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    I can tell you that it is a lack of money causing problems in school.....Kids with mental health issues no longer able to access CAMHS, alternative provisions for kids with severe behavioural issues all but gone due to cost, learning support assistants for kids with SEN disappearing, experienced staff disappearing in their thousands and replaced by cheaper newly qualified staff without the experience to cope in schools. Class sizes rising as teachers quit and they cant afford to recruit replacements even when they are needed, thousands of teachers leaving to work in supply as the work load is normal rather than mental, thousands of teachers being expected to teach subjects they have no experience in...

    Ultimately, its the kids that suffer so while you might not think its the issue it clearly is and if you have kids in school then you need to be calling the govt out on it as the system is falling apart.

    Watch the programme, when the teachers pay is slashed by up to £6k a year they werent complaining about their own situation they were worried about the impact on the kids they teach.
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    Like any business, if you starve it of cash, cut corners and dont invest it goes tits up. Schools should never be seen as businesses, they are too important for that but purely from a business perspective (the way this govt wants to run them) they have created a model that is destined to fail.

    Look at private schools, they provide fantastic facilities and they cost upwards of £30k a year per pupil.....The public sector schools are expected to compete with these schools on less than £5k per pupil, how on earth is that ever going to work?

    Huge teacher shortage, country is desperate. Please sign up and show all the lazy bone idle teachers across the profession how the skills and hard work of enlightened people like you can transform our schools....Genuinely, if you can get the kind of results your hard work clearly can then you will be worth a fortune to the profession.

    Tax people more, unpopular but honest.....You cannot continue to run vital services like education/NHS/police etc on skeleton staff and funding.

    As a tax payer I have no issue with paying more tax to fund vital services as is still massively cheaper than paying school fees, private health care etc.

    I fear that one day (and it wont be far off if the tories stay in charge) we will look back to the days of a free at the point of delivery healthcare system and free education as some kind of 20th Century eutopia

    Its not, its the absolute foundations of everything this country has stood for since the second WW opened our eyes to the world of shit that exists around the world.
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    I completely agree about more tax, but other than 'tax the rich' generally people are against tax rises.

    Indeed, the last budget gave everyone a tax cut with the increase in personal allowance.

    Has any party ever been elected on a promise of tax rises?
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    Seriously plenty of them try. The discipline problem firmly starts at home.

    It’s alright though because the CEO of Persimmon has walked away with bonuses of £75m on the back of five years of state funded growth for his company.
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    Tell you're an exile

    Like what ? And where
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    How? and it doesnt help, as Baggy has pointed out that classes are mixed/ attitude ability. Still reckon theres a place for selective education for those that want to learn traditional academic studies. Give the comps and those that would rather learn/be more engaged with more vocational studies

    Actually no quite the opposite, my last meeting at school was to question the head as to why he wasn't seemingly working with us in keeping the disciplinary standards they promised in the prospectus. Incidentally the school was absolutely slated by ofsted the same term. You can look up the report yourself, its St John Fishers Dewsbury. School should be an extension of home discipline and vice versa as far as i`m concerned.
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    I worked in an academy for a bit. It was horrible and I didn’t stick around for long. Overworked teachers, no money, no resources, was all a joke. Teachers were giving classes on subjects that they had no knowledge of. One of the real french teachers was teaching another teacher french so she could teach french. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. It was at the point where I was asked to teach science I thought F this, and left. I only did double science at school and hadn’t done a thing sciency since GCSE.

    It was run like a business. No school should have a CEO ffs. One thing we had was that the board were obsessed with targets being hit. We were told to keep a track of pupils’ progress by doing a test at the start and end of each half term - only you gave them the same test! So it was obvious the kids would do badly on the first test and then well on the second test when they had actually been taught it :rolleyes:. Looking on those records they must have the best teachers in the country!
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    To put all of this into context. A school report of my big sister
    Maybe you should have studied economics. The country has been running a deficitc year on year meaning the national debt has continued to rise. I won't labour the point suffice to say that you can't continue to spend what you don't have.
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    So apart from spending more money you have got no more ideas.
  20. A start would be to go back to delivering the service that they were introduced for. Public services have been used by politicians for years to provide (cheap) additional services (and score brownie points) way beyond the scope of the original intention. The drip drip of additional services has diluted the original service to the point of collapse. More responsibility has got to be returned to the public, the state cannot be responsible for everything.

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