If you died today....


“I wasn’t but are you offering?”

My other half asking whether I was angling for her to do drops and two journeys, picking us up from the sports dinner with Molby and Windass (Merson has Nigel Manselled. Think he is having a fee problems again currently).


Please remind your child to take their home Covid test tonight and report the result to both NHS test and trace and via the form on Unify or the website.
..... and the last text/message you received was engraved on your tombstone, what would it read?

(I've stolen this from Facey by the way). 😉

Mine is:

I was awful. 😂
"Apparently he played there in pre season. We need another centre midfielder and right back in January! "

Talking about Alves and the Huggins injury. Not sure it would look great on a tombstone like