Honda closing Swindon plant

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jayjaysafc, May 13, 2019.

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  4. PTR

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    If you bothered to check, this was the "official" announcement following the end of the consultation process.

    So no, its not "old news".
  5. The Continuing Story

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    Project reality at it again.
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  6. PTR

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    Even though they said its nowt to do with brexit. They said it, out loud, when it would actually have been the easiest thing in the world to blame and divert ill-feelings towards their brand.
  7. yorkyexile

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  9. Secret Visage

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    It's a sad day when something is closed down twice.
  10. The Continuing Story

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    Aye, or blame Brexit and get half the lunatics calling for a boycott
  11. Lambchops

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    They only make the civic there and the UK market is tiny compared to elsewhere - it'll end up being made where its cheapest with a high demand market
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  12. duff_man

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    They closed it again just so brexit can be blamed as well as the economic reasons behind the first closure.
  13. yamar1

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    calm down dear, its still closing.
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  14. Boris Bear

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    I think the British public should respond by boycotting all Hondas.

    It might make car manufacturers think twice
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  15. Blame Autocar magazine marra for running this story yesterday instead of bleating on like a dick

    Its ok marra i'm pleased for them, they got a like each for the cheap digs
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  16. SPUFF

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    Costed a job in france where no non frenchmaterials at all were allowed!:eek: Take no shite the frogs.
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  17. ravydavygravy

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    Well done the EU.
  18. You don't know who Unipres also supply car parts too, do you?

    If constant concerns to Nissan won't cause us to lose jobs and work then the loss of Honda pretty much is determined to it seems.

    Mind you I am only agency so I know nothing about how much the loss of a supplier will hurt us or what will happen if Nissan downgrade us to a Level 3 supplier.
  19. Secret Visage

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    You'll be first out of the door.
  20. Mackem00

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    I've had the same Honda for 15 years. Class cars imo.
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