Honda closing Swindon plant

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jayjaysafc, May 13, 2019.

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    Nissan closing Sunderland plant and moving down there.
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    They supply Nissan, Renault and Honda.
    Also sent stuff to Spain but Iam not sure who thats for...possibly Nissan.

    They have a place in Birmingham that is for Honda so suppose that will be closing
  3. It’s gone and despite protests and local campaigning it will not make a blind bit of difference.
    Employment in the region is not that bad and just hope the massive site doesn’t become another land squeeze for another mass of shite new build housing.

    How the world has changed though in a short period of time.
    The Town built on Gods Wonderful Railway, GWR and the workers all living in the Town. Now most people add a few hours on their daily commute without thinking. No wonder mental illness caused mainly by stress and anxiety is on the up. I guess modern day working and living pressures.
    As I tell most people ........ it’s the battle of not feeling in your own. Beat this and it helps. Endeth the lesson the book of SOT Chapter one.
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    To be fair, the Swindon mafia started to ruin the place a long time ago.

    BREXIT will be seen as a contributing factor but the reality is their piss poor model range and staunch defence of their home industry also played a part.

    The EU Japanese trade agreement was the final nail
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    Production of the Civic will move to the US - they already knock a load out over there
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