Honda closing Swindon plant

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jayjaysafc, May 13, 2019.

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    And here lies the root of all the problems.

    You should have a new lease deal at least every three years.
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    is not indirectly linked to Brexit though.....and one of the reasons why we have voted as a country this way. the EU has recently approved a free trade deal with Japan (not long after the vote if my memory is not playing games)

    this allows them to import cars from Japan tariff free, cars that can be made cheaper in Japan, how many Japanese plants are there in other EU countries that would be at risk? so the EU has stiffed us again. they had to know this would put the UK plants at risk.

    I can see a time we will put tariffs on the cars industry (we may have to), have a look in the car park, how many French, German and cars made in other countries can you see? we have to make it interesting to build cars here or harder/less cost effective to import, the numbers produced on this show we export 8 out of ten cars made in the UK and this number is used to bash us with to show we could not keep our plants open without export. on the other hand the stat shows only 4 out of 10 made in the EU27 (notice how they use ALL EU counties to skew the data) are exported. someone is playing with numbers. I find it hard to believe the French and German market could handle a huge downturn in production if we changed our buying habits.

    Buy British. or made in UK
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  3. The EU creates that deal. The U.K. is in the EU. We created that deal. We negotiated it, signed it and approved it.

    But aye, blame the others. It’s always the rest of the EUs fault. Never our own representatives.
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    Our lass fulfills that requirement. Far too precious to be seen mooching around in a knackered old motor. My Honda started off as a lease car like. Bought it after the contract was up for 6 grand. Can't go wrong with that for value for money. :cool:
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    Jazz pauper
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    What british makes are there now?
  7. We haven't left yet.
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    Civic Executive. :cool:
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    Executive :lol::lol:
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    That is half of Hondas problem, they’re too reliable.

    I chuckle at the Vauxhall advert, “British Brand Since 1912” or some shite.

    I worked for them for ten years and it was never British all that time and they then sold it to PSA.
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    Project fear becoming reality.
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    I recognise we were part of the problem in approving it. I very much doubt we could have stopped it regardless.

    we cause a lot of our own downfall. We need to change our buying habits to support UK business is we are to prosper,
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    Very true, the uk has been an important negotiator within EU policies, trade deals and treaties. Not the ukips version where the EU is some untouchable spectre-like organisation where we have no say. The fact we didn't adopt the single currency shows the UK' influence had within the EU
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    So, they're shifting it to an EU country...oh wait.
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    Are EU deals confirmed on a simple majority or unanimously by all EU countries?
  16. We all have a veto, don’t we?
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    No idea. That's why I'm asking. My guess is that if all countries have a veto, nowt will ever get agreed. Must be a majority surely?
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    Parliament endorses landmark EU-Japan free trade agreement | News | European Parliament

    Majority vote by the looks of it.

    Wine, spirits, meat, dairy, textile, leather traders, rail procurement, SMEs the biggest EU winners

    Good for some, for the UK less so. If I was working at Nissan i'd be looking over my shoulder.
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