Honda closing Swindon plant

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jayjaysafc, May 13, 2019.

  1. cosmicchris00

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    Having worked there years ago I can confirm the useless c*nts couldn't run a bath.

    1. Piss poor place to open a car plant

    2. Local Swindon mafia ganged up to ensure they got top jobs

    3. shockingly poor decisions on development of global range (can't blame Swindon for that)

    All this means they have to cut costs (Thailand and other cheaper labour hot spots) as well as try to save their Japanese plants all the while dreaming of their F1 glory days.
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  2. TheWanderer

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    I thought was against EU laws, countries were forced to look outside their own countries for tender?

    Isn’t that why the likes of the UK passports are produced in bloody Poland or some such country?
  3. ouro

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    I think the UK is one of the very few countries that actually pay any attention to such laws. Every country I have worked in bar ours has a huge degree of protectionism. Minimum % of local workers etc.
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  4. Lambchops

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    They are supposed to be open tenders from anywhere iirc hence UK passports made in france
  5. But no law saying you have to choose one of those tenders. We can choose British if we want. But we don’t.
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  6. Lambchops

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    Exactly - cheapest invariably wins 9 times out of 10
  7. Bakerlooline

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    I don’t think it is mind mate, I haven’t seen the 2018 data yet but typically the UK is in the top ten car ownership countries in the world, we’re only behind countries with much larger populations I.e. USA, Russia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, France and Germany. In terms of new car registrations we’re even higher up the league I.e. only Germany higher in Europe.

    The Automotive industry is reaching saturation, you can’t keep churning out cars at the rates they do and expect people to keep buying them, it’s unsustainable. Add driverless cars and the end of diesel to the mix in the next few years and ownership will plummet. The whole industry is fucked and only the strongest will survive.
  8. SPUFF

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    Me too but it happened! 5/6 year back.
    Iirc nothing without a french kitemark allowed on site and only approx 30% non french labour.
  9. It’s almost like the EU doesn’t actually stop us taking our country back.
  10. Lambchops

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    I meant the Uk market for Honda mate - I agree with your post though.
  11. Goat Eyes

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    UK Vehicle Manufacturing Data - SMMT monthly data
  12. taipeisafc

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    But it works the other way too, we can export to Japan tariff free. If we sign individual free trade deals with countries post brexit (Japan, US, China etc.) what do you think is going to happen?

    From the link in Hells Bells post earlier :-

    This is welcome news for the UK motor industry, which exported just over £1 billion worth of vehicles to Japan in 2017.

    Which I have to say is a surprise to me, if we are selling 1 billion worth with the tariffs in place just think how much easier it will be without tariff.
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  13. ouro

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    Me and @Mackem00 aren't helping like. I keep my cars for years and years as well..

    It would be great if we actually had any domestic industry - but we don't. Foreign owners have no incentive to stay here now. We make nowt so we have no clout to paraphrase an old saying.
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  14. The Exile

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    And nearly always ends up costing more in the long run.
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  15. Lambchops

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    Very very true
  16. ravydavygravy

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    Double edged sword though if it sends Japanese companies back home.

    Which it already is.
  17. EDGE

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    Never see a rust bucket these days.
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  18. Bakerlooline

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  19. Goat Eyes

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    Good stuff.
  20. Beau Peep

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    Ah of course.

    “The local Swindon mafia” firmly to blame

    Definitely not Brexit :confused:

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